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The Philadelphian Liberation Station(boycott) (Little Upsilon)

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Treasurer (White Giant)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - 12:51 am Click here to edit this post
I respectfully disagree Laguna. My perception in the matter is this. Why would a person who is on the Security Council (A place of supposed honor) try to funnel money to a friend from the coffer that is supposed to be used for AID purposes? It is not intended as a reward for being a friend or ally.

Yes the matter must pass the general voting process. But why should it even be proposed? It is wasting the time of players to have to log into the security council general voting area to vote it down. I'm sure the players have better things to do than to always have to keep the Security Council honest with their cash transactions with their friends. It shouldn't be an issue. The corrupt Security Council makes it one by their actions.

I thought that there were fail-proofs in effect to prevent cash from leaving the Security Council funds to players that were non-deserving? I thought this was already addressed a long time ago. If not, it needs to be approached again.


Now for dumbass:

The Security Council Aid Fund was never intended to fund Security Council Member's friends that did not need it. It was set up to aid new players and players that had made financial mistakes and needed help to get out of debt so they could get their empires back on track. You have corrupted that ideal by openly trying to funnel money to a player that not only did not ask for it, need it, or deserve it (by the original standards).

I am sure that Priest did not ask for payment because he helps new players. The players here that go out of their way to help new players do not ask for anything in return except friendship and respect. That is it's own reward. And I am sure he would agree.

Your words that you express here in a public forum prove that you could not possibly handle the responsibility of being in any kind of Moderator role within the game. You are rude, obnoxious and condescending to all players. It would be best that you move along or seek counseling to work on those character flaws.

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