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Antiwendy fed (Little Upsilon)

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Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 05:09 pm Click here to edit this post
To: President Wendy

I would like to let it be known I have received your demands. Concerning your declarations they will certainly be given the due consideration that there gravity and weightiness deserve.

This has come upon us so suddenly I know you'll understand when I tell you that it will take sometime to mull over and consider just what type of relationship our two nations and peoples shall embark upon.

Your proposals

I will Say this once and only once, I will expire the decs if you derreg one country, keep it under three, and place your main and both remaining slaves into my federation. This is a peaceful request, take it as such, If you refuse i have to classify you as an enemy combatant and your empire as a threat. This will result in constant hostile actions to your empire until you comply. This will be my only request. I hope to avoid any hostilities. Thank You

Proposal # 1
Derreg one Country

Proposal # 2
Keep it under three

Proposal # 3
Place your main and both remaining slaves into my federation.

President Wendy I will certainly take all of these proposals under advisement. Please feel free to clear-up anything that I might have misunderstood or left out. I also have not been given an offer to join Your Federation which I am sure is just some sort of administrative oversite. I look forward to our next exchange and am confident we can build a meaningful rapport.

I will post this in the Little Upsilon Forum under the current heading Antiwendy fed. So that it cannot be said that we have conspired in secret, hidden, concealed or kept from public knowledge in anyway our association and activities.

Respectfully King Maxwell

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