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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

The Aid Team (Little Upsilon)

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Stuart Taylor (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 02:29 pm Click here to edit this post
@ Wendy;

Firstly - I'm not getting nuked - its a delayed action in reporting from when it was your country. Remember - I invaded it, along with the other 7. CIS Command Post Alpha is in WP and not at war with anyone. I suggest you learn what that means n00b. Also, a major emipre - yes. I have 9 countries, an army totalling around 30M, a combined population of around 700M, i'm ranked 4th or 5th on productivity, and my empire holds around 400T cash at any one point. Also - I have made my point about the nukes to you on more than one occasion, so your either more stupid than I originally thought, or you are illiterate and can't read. I will say it again one last time - I only used nukes on the first country of yours I attacked. Right - have you got that into your tiny pea sized brain now? Whilst on the subject of empires Wendy - shall we talk about yours for a moment? 1 half decent main and a load of C3's. A miniscule army, and a rapidly decreasing base value on your corps. Who's empire is n00bish now?

As for your offer of compensating for collateral damage, how could you do that? Your empire is debt ridden, and about to start losing major money each month. You can't afford to look after yourself, let alone others.

As for LDI starting (as you put it), this mess - how can you possibly say that? It was your terrorist actions using sneak attacks against many different presidents that started this.

Anyway - your a joke Wendy and your empire is a joke too. Everyone else knows it, it just seems that its taking a while to reach that small, insignificant brain of yours.

You continue attacking inactive players empires, you continue sneak attacking, you continue with your 'i'm so big and tough that i'm going to destroy every president on LU' type talk, but you have absolutley nothing to back it up with.

If there are any new presidents looking to take a country or 2, I advise you attack one of Wendy's countries. They are easier than C3's to beat, and she never offers any resistance. Don't worry about her retalliating - she does not have the capacity to launch any full scale invasions. If you contact me at ETRURIA, I will place you under temporary CIS protection if you want to use Wendy's empire for training.

Still, you provide me with a certain amount of lulz, as does King. You both came from the same mould in my opinion.

My offer still stands to anyone affected by fallout.

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