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An Open Letter to the False King- King Hezekiah (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  An Open Letter to the False King- King Hezekiah (Little Upsilon)

Matt (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, November 1, 2008 - 06:39 am Click here to edit this post
Man, you make me laugh! Ha! It makes me wanna roll around on the floor, laughing for all eternity. Why do you make me laugh? Because you are acting like a tool. Firstly, you have the nerve to start a renegade federation under the name of someone else's federation. Then you try to unite LU under one banner, not even paying a thought to how that would work. Next, you all but declare yourself King of LU. Ha! It makes me cry with laughter. And then lastly, you commit the greatest sin of try to force your beliefs on other people! I am a Christian, Mr Hezekiah, and have been all my life, and never in my years of faith have I seen someone so utterly committed to MAKING other people believe what he wants them to! Christianity is about love, forgiveness, and harmony, not about MAKING people believe in Jesus! Additionally, you should note that that crap about the food you're allowed to eat died with Jesus on the cross. The commandments are all that is left of the Old religion, of Judaism, in regards to Christianity.
But I'm not here to attack your beliefs. Each to his own. What I am here for is to ask you to cease and desist in your attempts to unite LU under yourself! Let the world be the world...problems may occur, but making them stop is what the Security Council is for! It is what the forums are for! It is not up to you or your "New World Order" to unite the world of LU!
You should realise now that what you are doing is the wrong thing. There is a time and a place for this sort of thing, and that is not now, and not here! I understand that you have big ideas and want to change the world...every single player I know has had some "awesome idea" that will "change the world" at some point or another in their life. You are not the first to attempt to unite LU, and you will not be the last. I can tell you now that every attempt to change the world in YOUR way so that it suits YOU fails. Let the LU community decide how it wants to govern itself.
I reiterate my request for you to cease and desist. I suggest that you quiet down, and abandon SNA Bloodline....form a new federation with its OWN NAME, not someone else's! And know this- if you do not comply to my requests, I daresay it will turn out badly for you...and don't even THINK ABOUT trying to threaten empire outshines yours by much, and even if it didn't, Stuart Taylor is on the same side as me, and he could crush you with a hair from his nose. I'm not going to even bother mentioning John R or any other LU heavyweights that dislike what you're doing.
Cease and desist, Hezekiah. This ends now.

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