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The Line. (Little Upsilon)

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slocketer (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - 05:02 am Click here to edit this post
Lmfao, wendy I find it funny how you incite people to attack you....and then claim that they are the ones that began the conflict.
I think we just need to get some points down, maybe it will help you understand better seeing as right now it seems as if no logic can enter through that thick skull of yours (no wonder it seemed so big, but your brain was so small, ha who knew?)

#1) You began the larger conflict through your sneak attacks
#2) You made Sammy come back to SC (he would rather have stayed away)
#3) You made me take time out of my life to come and deal with you (I would rather be finishing my work or on the phone with my new gf right now)e
#4)The log you posted shows how hypocritical you are...I posted that at present I would not attack you.....with the addendum that i have the right to change my mind (meaning that if you do something stupid, which happens often)
#5) You continue to attack me even after I tell you I will be inactive (thus showing your dishonor and self-absorbed view of this game.
#6) I can srsly go on with this list forever
#7) You are now simply attempting to depop (as you stated when you realized that dub could rape you) are not even playing for fun!! you are doing it out of spite, wtf is wrong with you? it is a game..
#8) You claim to attack me (even tho I haven't shown aggression to you recently) simply because you "associate" me with LDI, when the fact is, is that pretty much everyone is on our side sept should be attacking everyone. Take a look at the boycott...26-6 just in 24 hrs?? lmfao. It shuld tell you something about yourself
#9)I need to go to sleep soon, so lets sum this up

Wendy, you have lost sight of a key component in the continuous entertainment of this game (the fact that it is in fact a game!! I cannot speak for the GM, but I assume this game was designed with the thought in mind that people would build relations with other players while having fun with the game.

These are two aspects you may not have taken in ever or have just lost sight of as I find it sometimes is. LDI is not in fact a fed that goes out and kills people for spite. We fight for entertainment and we are closeknit. However, when we fight we make sure that our opponents realize that it is entertainment. Often we will even compensate those we fight when we feel the need.
You however, fight for spite, you fight to utterly destroy, you terrorize and harass to the point where the game no longer is interesting but simply utterly time-consuming and useless.

While you also quote Wild Eyes, just remember she is probably the one that hates you the most lmfao. and when she said that she meant war defined under the way i just spoke of, not your war.

P.S. sorry if this is a jumble im quite tired lol

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