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The Line. (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The Line. (Little Upsilon)

Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 02:17 am Click here to edit this post
If a federation throws it weight around for the sake of throwing it around, it is only natural that a dignified player like myself will rise to the occasion, and stand in defiance of such brutality. LDI has been a war mongerring federation from the start of its inception into the game. They took my countries that I had worked on repeatedly with the most pitiful excuses to boot. I have no other choice but to defend my nations with any and all means available to me. It is my duty as a president. Had i not i would not be worthy of leading my simcountry into countless centuries on LU. There has to be a force to counteract all other forces. The LDI regime has reigned terror for way too long on Lacerta, they make demands that are not reasonable and take action not considering the downside. I have named this federation and it's sympathizers "The Dark
Side", the other side is myself and only myself, "the LightSide". Every action causes an equal and oposite reaction. They terrorized my empire, i have terrorized theirs. At what point am i wrong? LDI has forgotten the concept of cause and effect, they seem to think that LU must go on in fear of them, live according to their systems and standards, but i pay green money as do they and "THIS IS SPARTA" we will fight until an honorable death. They have become to drunk with the arrogance that comes with great power. Pushing until somebody pushes back. I am that simbody. My sims stand for freedom, truth and justice. We fight for the weak of heart who only wish they had the courage to stand for themselves. I am their crutch. I am their helper. LDI has looked only to pervert these three common principals at every turn available to them.

Should the LightSide be subject to a level 5 boycott. NO by no means. LDI picked this fight. They attacked me several times for almost nothing. They attacked UC members for something they had nothing to do with. Did i cry for a boycott, NO. Did i cry for someone to be banned, NO I just put my armor on and rode off into battle. They severely underestimated me and my abilities, no matter how limited, and have fallen to the attack of the LightSide. I have attacked not one innocent party, EVER. Let me remind CIS that I have not targeted any presidents who have not declared on me, EVER. and they have many members peppered all over LU and are easy targets. I never "picked" on any weak unabled opponents regardless of affiliation with CIS. So what have I done wrong. Nothing.

The community has to take a stand and say when enough is enough, you are right there is a line that needs to be drawn, a line in the sand that says bullying will not be tolerated or accepted, that is why I fight and no other reason. Some demand respect others earn it, LDI wishes you to fear them not respect them. They live for the "entertainment"(slocks words not mine) of seeing meager presidents fear them. I fear no evil, and will not let it stand. This is true justice, this is the truth,this is honorable. They have finally met their match and now wish for the community to extend their greenlight to be asshats. How cowardly, you all looked for a fight, NOW fight!

I see the vote is favorable overwhelmingly for the darkside for a boycott. I know who all thirteen of you are.

The time to vote IS now.

On one hand you have FEAR

On the other you have FREEDOM

You decide, VOTE NO TO FEAR

This is SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The High Profitess has Spoken

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