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The Line. (Little Upsilon)

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Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 01:48 am Click here to edit this post
Oh . . . SO the war has gone economic. You are opening a can of worms you don't really want to eat. For economic war is my specialty.

After an onslaught of attacks on inactive presidents in my former federation the GREAT UC by LDI, I have begun a recent campaign to vindicate those losses and the blatant respect for presidents who have nothing to do with me on LU. Those countries are LDI based countries. Loki's empire was the first, only because it flew the banner of the Federation named LDI Special Forces, which is headed up by Jason a member of the main LDI branch LHDI. And Jason was a primary combabtant in this operation against innocent presidents on LU.

Slocketer, is no different, he claims to have nothing to do with this when he in fact is a member of LHDI. This is an accurate log file from today. . .

Session Start: Mon Oct 27 18:44:24 2008
Session Ident: slock
00[18:44] heelo slock
[18:44 slock> hi wendy
[18:44 slock> lol nice try btw
00[18:44 WendyBot> sorry for the damage
[18:44 slock> trying to get me while im gone?
00[18:45 WendyBot> i knew he was going to save it, but it was fair game yes
[18:45 slock>
[18:45 slock> ok?
[18:45 slock> quite dishonorable
[18:46 slock> taking advantage of a glitch in the game
00[18:46 WendyBot> so you know if you want to avoid confrontation please say you aren't involved in the war. and it won't happen again
[18:46 slock> which made my countries inaccesible
[18:46 slock> why would i do that
00[18:46 WendyBot> if you don't want to be attacked
00[18:46 WendyBot> but its your choice
00[18:46 WendyBot> of course
00[18:47 WendyBot> btw, there has been no honor in this war
00[18:47 WendyBot> everyone was attacked ungentlemanly
00[18:47 WendyBot> i am just following suit
[18:47 slock> as a result of your honorless actions
[18:47 slock> lol...
[18:47 slock> we are following suit
[18:47 slock> you are the one that began this
00[18:48 WendyBot> not at all UC members had nothing to do with what was happening with me
00[18:49 WendyBot> not to argue, all I am saying is if you don't want your countries attacked, please just say you aren't involved and i will respect that
[18:49 slock> currently I am not fighting and have done nothing to provoke an attack seeing as I have not committed any acts of aggressions
[18:50 slock> however, i reserve the right to do what i want
[18:50 slock> i change my mind quite often
00[18:51 WendyBot> well this is a guilt by association war, so you have to see why this happened, no disrespect, i am just saying that it was obvious what brought this about
[18:53 slock> lol you guys already lost
[18:53 slock> i don't realize why you insist on continuing it
[18:53 slock> when we haven't attacked you for awhile
00[18:53 WendyBot> well i am no longer those guys
[18:53 slock> it is like you want the war to continue....
[18:53 slock> it is like you want to be hated by evrybody
00[18:53 WendyBot> I just want to destroy things without good reason like LDI does
[18:54 slock> i don't understand it
[18:54 slock> we destroy things taking into account honorable player's hardwork
[18:54 slock> and entertainment
00[18:54 WendyBot> mee too
00[18:55 WendyBot> wow what a coincedence
[18:55 slock> you do it with a self-centered purpose for self entertainment and no respect for other's
00[18:55 WendyBot> yeah I do
00[18:55 WendyBot> I don't destroy those who wish not to be destroyed, its up to you which category you fall in
00[18:57 WendyBot> which is it gonna be?
[18:58 slock> right now peace, but as i mind changes quite often
00[19:00 WendyBot> so you wish for me to continue?
Session Close: Mon Oct 27 19:06:05 2008

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