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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

The Line. (Little Upsilon)

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Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Monday, October 27, 2008 - 08:59 pm Click here to edit this post
The line has been drawn, and something needs to be done about Wendy's behaviour on LU.

Whilst presidents such as Stuart, Barney and I have attacked and riddled her empire with debt, this does not seem to be enough to teach her a lesson. Her constant harrassment of other players, verbally and in-game cannot go ignored.

I propose a level-5 boycott against The Philadelphian Liberation Station. This is the country of her which makes money, and she uses it to take C3's from behind secured. Trade>Boycotts>New Boycott Requests. Everyone's vote counts!

We all know her behaviour form reading the forums, but here is a taster from IRC:


(regarding me taking Old Sparta to hold, a nation Wendy intended to take from Slocketer for it's assets, even though he did not provoke her.)
[19:02] <Diabuli> What other one?
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> now since you are in my way, I will just become an pop killer[19:03]
<Diabuli> For Sale 03?[19:03]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> no thats [19:03]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> trash[19:03]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> and others I won't name[19:03] <EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> yet[19:03]
<Diabuli> Wendy, just ive it up. Attacking innocent peoples empires is not a nice way to behave.[19:04]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> slock isn't innocent[19:04]
<Diabuli> He's inactive.[19:04]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> point blank[19:04]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> BS he posted just yestedrday[19:04] <EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> while i was bombing his country[19:04] <EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> he just gave up[19:05]
<Diabuli> Haha, from what i hear he found a social life.[19:05]
<Diabuli> IE, a girlfriend.[19:05]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> and you shouldn't be interfering[19:05] <EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> but its your choice[19:05]
<Diabuli> I shall do what is best for LU.[19:05]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> yeah your choice[19:05]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> but alot of people will now just lose pop[19:06]
<Diabuli> Anyway, enough gassing (ignores Wendy)[19:06]
<EXTREMELYmadPROFITESS> I won't even worry about killing the entire country now

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