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Barney Rubble (Little Upsilon)

Monday, October 20, 2008 - 06:11 am Click here to edit this post
Ive kicked wendy's ass numerous times already. This is hardly a "finaly." If you observe her and I, and cant really see the difference in player caliber, you guys are in deep.

Did I say something, cross? Have I found some kind of "button?" Ill have to review that post I made and try to find what caused such and out burst...

Oh, this must be it....

"I remember being dec'd on then killing a fed branch. "

Who was that chair again?

Well, let me be frank since you guys are considering a "war vote." As if war wasn't already on your door step.

We hit the players on LU because of their affiliation with Wendy on GR. I simply cant sit by and allow what was going on to continue without some decisive response that clearly indicated LDI's disdain for this player. What was happening gave the appearance of a GR sanctioned hit on our economies on LU.

I spoke with wendy and was willing to pay her to leave. She laughed and called me a coward.

I spoke with dizzy and asked him to help me get her off. His response was he couldn't control her and I should kick her ass. well she is in WP and a UC member hurting my friends. couldn't get to her. So I hit her friends. Its that simple. She stayed as a UC member throughout all the crap on LU. No talk of removing her from UC as this went on, nothing. That says support.

You guys moved her out of your fed after we exacted considerable damage.

You guys should have moved on sooner on her. An eviction at the first evidence of her behavior would have prevented ALL this.

At this point Im at war with all UC players on LU. Except one.

I will be at war with all UC on GR except two.

A single fed mate can cause such pain.

Your dealing with players who have no regard for their own assets in time of war. Make the next leap...

I shall now dedicate a song....

Play ground, school bell rings....again...

rain clouds come to play...again...

Has no told (cross) he's not breathing...hello!

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