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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Johanas Bilderburg

Friday, October 17, 2008 - 11:09 pm Click here to edit this post
I had left SC. Now I am forced to return to the continued outbursts of a spoiled child and her fedmates.

Wendy has managed to insult the entire population of SC, sneak attack them, or bully them into acqiescence to her ridiculous demands.

Her refusal to practice any sort of social reasoning coupled with her terrorist gameplay led to the declarations on her fedmates that crept onto LU for nefarious reasons at the close of the GR war. So we have the current issue of Wendys felonious asshattery coupled with her partners in crime the UC, refusal to peacefully return to the rocks they crawled out of .

The UC are common thugs but as long as they were on GR no one really cared. They crept onto LU to create chaos and havoc because really thats their only reason for playing the game. some of you are guilty of allowing and encouraging this for your own selfish reasons.

Now we have UC giving orders and bullying soverign,uninvolved presidents on LU. When they do this on GR once again no one really cares. However on LU it is intolerable to me. Coupled with using an obvious special needs child such as Wendy to fight their proxy wars they have no place on our world.

I dont know how the rest of you feel as for me I have already set up shop in the "Home Region" of the UC on GR. I will start kicking the rotten federation structure in until such time as I grow bored or run out of targets.

I will demonstrate the proper use of hell raising and guerrila warfare and teach any interested person on GR the same tactics to use in order to enjoy playing the game again. And no I dont need to sneak and jump back into WP Windy.

As for Wendy bah. You people just play into her little power trips. Ignore her. Smash her little C3's and just end the war. She has accumulated debt and will continue to do so with each passing exercise in futility. She will go bankrupt and that will end the Windy chapter.
Do not accept her corp requests. Toss out any of her corporations you find in your countries. Ignore her posts, her foolish chat demands and insults.

We pay for the priveledge of playing this game. We should not have to deal with idiots such as this multi Wendy. But we are forced into it by the rules of the game and the lack of caring by the powers that be. Any action is excusable as long as Wendy keeps hitting that VISA card on a regular basis. Its a recurring SC theme it seems.

But we can excommunicate her from our midst. And someday soon peace will return to our little economic world. I look forward to enjoying that day with you and leaving as quickly as possible.

Sam Houston

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