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What is Simcountry?

Scandalous! Blatant repression of lulz!

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John R

Monday, September 29, 2008 - 05:06 pm Click here to edit this post
Yesterday, the retarded maniac known as John R highly prestigious and endowed President Bananas presented the Security Council a proposal to ban nuclear facilities from the daisy loving nuclear menace that is the country Light of the Soul Arse.

It has been known throughout history, the people of Light of the Soul Arse have been enlightened by the glow coming from their souls arses. Their deep, gentle and sad souls gay arses. Curiosity and doubt comes from the possible origin of such glow. It has been often speculated the glow may be originated from the high consumption of daisies plutonium.
Definite proof came yesterday when a Doctor presented President Bananas a video containing scenes of daisy plutonium consumption accompanied by such comments like:

"It was like Godzilla, only a penis."

"You like Mars bars? Well, dicks come in fun size now too!"


"He could have slapped me with it, but I was scared."

"I just might let your big arse live."

In order to try to put an end to such daisy plutonium consumption, President Banana issued the proposal to ban any and all plutonium corporations in Light of the Soul Arse. If the proposal passes, President Banana as already said the people may continue to consume plutonium if they import it from Banana Land plus taxes.

But the proposal has already found resistance within the Security Council, as a Councilman secretly voted against the proposal - obviously bribed with daisies and soul enlightenment plutonium and arse glow. In face of such injustice this paid brave reporter, could only warn the people about the seriousness atrocities being committed in the Security Council.

Before the reflection period ends, we can only hope the people will do some serious pocket soul search and think about the money children.

In a serious note now, please vote in favour and I will explain later. The underlying issue is far more serious than it appears.

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