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From the Ashes Federation Stats 3/30/2308 (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  From the Ashes Federation Stats 3/30/2308 (Little Upsilon)

xKirax (Little Upsilon)

Monday, September 29, 2008 - 05:00 am Click here to edit this post
Federation Stats <3

FederationTotal Production
Lacerta Homeland Defense Force21,375,711,441,055
Valde Subsidium15,982,764,874,381
Tempus Fugit South15,292,223,249,291
Federated States of Little Upsilon14,669,332,405,995
Tempus Fugit North12,636,261,616,111
Tempis Fugit Diem10,585,669,314,705
CIS West9,622,098,414,011
Federation of West Walton8,930,967,363,297
The Confederacy of Imperium States8,534,372,852,137
Porta Bellissima6,595,535,951,845
CIS East5,823,418,176,401
Federation of English Counties5,428,973,495,002
United Nations of LU5,192,734,772,080
Federation of Phil5,176,742,070,247
Commonwealth of Free States3,794,955,413,812
Allied Forces3,705,031,765,002
LDI Special Operations3,545,199,283,313
White Highlands Collective3,221,264,961,865
La Familia del THE EMPIRE3,207,894,660,638
Commonwealth of Free States Centura3,192,733,265,441
Evil Woody Thought Empire2,990,266,910,392
World Order LU1,870,402,501,503
Ricks Italic Fed1,757,467,814,445

FederationTotal Population
Lacerta Homeland Defense Force1,450,799,369
Tempus Fugit South1,142,265,288
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,059,333,042
Tempus Fugit North1,034,245,408
Valde Subsidium1,018,463,551
Tempis Fugit Diem918,424,228
CIS West875,449,076
Federation of West Walton646,790,750
The Confederacy of Imperium States628,210,289
Federation of English Counties565,394,544
United Nations of LU556,870,134
Porta Bellissima503,234,668
CIS East453,716,196
Federation of Phil388,942,834
Commonwealth of Free States304,628,938
Commonwealth of Free States Centura269,939,897
LDI Special Operations261,488,911
Allied Forces232,695,047
Honor Virtutis Praemium212,223,946
La Familia del THE EMPIRE205,636,857
Evil Woody Thought Empire196,542,510
World Order LU188,118,615

FederationEmployed Army
Lacerta Homeland Defense Force59,057,136
Tempis Fugit Diem47,563,191
Tempus Fugit North47,023,233
Tempus Fugit South41,003,593
Federated States of Little Upsilon30,009,490
Federation of English Counties25,317,729
Valde Subsidium24,862,763
CIS West24,291,584
CIS East21,216,298
Porta Bellissima21,040,103
The Confederacy of Imperium States19,866,562
LDI Special Operations13,700,903
United Nations of LU12,152,222
Federation of West Walton10,703,915
Federation of Phil10,065,628
Commonwealth of Free States9,883,262
united we stand9,594,134
seventy first Airborne Brigade9,216,494
World Order LU7,254,761
The Confederation of Ideology7,139,025
Commonwealth of Free States Centura6,631,540
Evil Woody Thought Empire6,067,970

FederationNominal Value
Lacerta Homeland Defense Force2,657.10
Valde Subsidium2,128.30
Tempus Fugit South1,274.30
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,114.20
Tempus Fugit North1,092.00
Tempis Fugit Diem1,034.10
CIS West714.70
The Confederacy of Imperium States677.40
Federation of West Walton674.90
Porta Bellissima660.90
La Familia del THE EMPIRE589.60
White Highlands Collective457.60
United Nations of LU439.70
Commonwealth of Free States431.10
CIS East422.60
Federation of English Counties388.60
Evil Woody Thought Empire321.90
Federation of Phil286.70
Allied Forces270.50
LDI Special Operations264.10
Commonwealth of Free States Centura259.30
The Confederation of Ideology196.20
Ricks Italic Fed176.90

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