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WildEyes Financing Services (Little Upsilon)

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Petra Arkanian (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 08:52 am Click here to edit this post
The first IPOs have been initiated!

I'd also like to make additional (legalese) guidelines:

1.) The first IPO with a new client will involve two corporations maximum, unless the client has previous proficiency with the IPO system. IPOs are easy, but unfamiliar and this first IPO will accustom the client to the system in order to prevent future errors.

2.) A group of FIVE corps is the recommended number to IPO at one given time with a client. TEN shall be recognized as a maximum in one setting due to factors of the cash. Corporations should be worth at least 200B. Corporations may be rejected by WildEyes Financial on the basis of their corporation type as being unstable.

3.) The client assumes all risk associated with the sometimes-uncertain game engine.

3a. Glitches: In the event of a glitch resulting in more than the standard 100M shares for an IPO the client is responsible for control of the addition shares.

3b. Timing: The client is ultimately responsible for the time s/he chooses to trade shares, as certain times will result in a higher risk for outside funds to place orders. WildEyes Financial will do it's utmost to advise clients on this matter; however, WildEyes Financial assumes no responsibility for shares other than the maximum of 49.96% possible between two CEOs while still remaining minority shareholder.

3c. Additional Countries/CEOs: WildEyes Financial highly recommends one additional country of the client's to be used for its investment fund. At no point will a country of WildEyes Financial be used for its investment fund.

3d. Loss of ownership: WildEyes Financial assumes no responsibility for loss of ownership as this would only occur under failure to comply with instructions. An exception is made in the instance that ownership is lost to WildEyes Financial. In which case all effort will be made to return shares such that the client will regain majority control. Should these efforts fail, for whatever reason, the shares will be dumped.

4.) Punitive Damages will be sought in the event that this service is exploited.

4a. Clients shall not intentionally sell shares below controlling %.

4b. Clients shall not manually close corporations within the 60 month time-frame.

4c. Clients shall not manually close corporations exceeding the 60 months without prior notification to WildEyes Financial and allowing sufficient time for the shares in question to be sold.

Punitive damages for exploitation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and payment exacted on a highly subjective scale, most likely determined by whether or not I am PMSing. I'll talk with you over an odd corp or two, but if anyone outright takes advantage of this then odds are they'll lose a country.

Anywho. I'm off for now. I'll throw all the important stuff into one big thread later on. This rambling will have to do for now though.

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