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IMPORTANT: New York Empire Ceo Update (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  IMPORTANT: New York Empire Ceo Update (Little Upsilon)

slocketer (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 01:48 am Click here to edit this post
If your corp is above 1T and produces on avg 1B per month please message me the name of your corp and you will be allowed to remain in New York.

Here is an organized list of all the corps by Ceo ownership.
Wunghu Inc
-Irbida Hospitals
-Verdesse Anti Aircraft Missile
-Docking Cars
-Barley Construction

Taj Enterprise
-Taj Hospitals A
-Taj Missile InterceptorsF
-Taj Advanced Effectivity ProdB
-Taj Home Equipment
-Taj ConstructionH
- Taj Sport

-Kasai Roads

Olmec Financial Services
-Vandelay Water Maintenance 2
-Vandelay Chemicals 3
-Vandelay Medical Equipment 4

Olmec Armaments
-Brighton Boats
-Saza Medical Equipment
-Pittsburg Milk

El Loco Compania
-El Loco Train Tracks II
-El Loco Cement II

Haute Couture
-Masters Universities B
-Masters High Tech B

Lexie Goes Ceo
-Insta Road Maint B
-Insta Interceptor Miss E
-Insta Other Food D

Karuah Pty Ltd
-KPL Road Maintenance 23
-KPL Road Maintenance 24
-KPL Cars 3

Hell Fire Industries
-HFI Rail Maintenance 001
-HFI Soybeans 003
-HFI Construction 011

-Reaver Helicopters2
-Reaver Construction9

Venture Weapons Limited
-VWL Helicopters 2

-Keto2 Interceptors
-Keto8 Industrial Equipment
-Keto2 Household Products
-Keto 20 Services
-keto 19 Services

Wolly Mammoth
-Dekalb Interceptor Missiles
-Batista Chemicals

-Hondor Missile Interceptors
-Arima Construction
-Stamford Construction
-Moran Vacation

More Evil Thoughts LLC
-Jihad Production Missile Ints
-Moldy and Toxic Meat
-Fervent Nationalism Propaganda
-May Be Harmful Luxury Goods

BloodHunters Enterprise
-BH NY Fruit
-BH NY Chemicals
-BH NY Jewelry
-BH NY Services
-BH NY Attack Drone Missiles
-BH NY Military Services

Dark Clown Enterprises

-Maraton Advanced Effectivity P

Vizima Enterprises
-Monardo Advanced Quality Produ

Designer Shoes
-Damage Books And Newspapers II
-Sambuko Household Products
-Bilthoven Construction

-Elberty Building Materials2
-Elberty Household Products

Evil Empire Sucks
-Kiowa Building Materials

Rainy Days Enterprise LU
-DTC01 Cars


Slurm Cola and Conglomerates Inc
-Saratoga Chemicals

S3 Corporate Enterprise
-Shantaro Chemicals
-Hemet Furniture

Arasaka Light Industries
-Vall Chemicals
-Ridgecrest Electronic Componen
-Miguella Medical Equipment
-Yosha Medical Equipment
-Segurno Steel
-Bastilia Jewelry

Danzig Development Corp
-DDC NYK Furniture
-DDC NYK Workmen

Dallas is a Nuclear Waste Dump
-Sukarta Home Equipment
-Loska Home Equipment

Evil Woody Thoughts LLC
-Kyle Jewelry
-Roda Services

Naro Enterprises
-Escondido Construction
-NE Services V

Aarons Wholesale Goods
-High Tech Services A049
-High Tech Services A081

-Omega Services 38

Fort Knox Federal Reserve LU
-Sabata Services

-Enron Electric Corp
-Enron Oil 2
-Enron Road Corp

-Toda Hospitals

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