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Loki's Federation Stats July 2292 (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Loki's Federation Stats July 2292 (Little Upsilon)

Lokian of Scarlet Azure (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 11:17 pm Click here to edit this post
These stats are accurate to July 2292.

FederationTotal Population
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,175,193,961
Tempus Fugit South1,009,131,322
Tempus Fugit North993,508,838
Valde Subsidium897,225,458
Tempis Fugit Diem873,693,644
Lacerta Defense Initiative780,653,590
The Confederacy of Imperium States738,036,344
United Nations of LU737,851,352
CIS West580,066,648
Federation of West Walton563,335,907
LDI HQ518,659,835
Porta Bellissima491,083,782
Federation of English Counties435,970,117
Lancashire Regiment395,537,641
CIS East381,035,338
Federation of Phil325,790,815
daffys quacker jacks284,152,651
Commonwealth of Free States272,979,865
League of Nations230,123,924
World Order LU223,503,621
Allied Forces219,055,766
The Con215,239,909

FederationProduction Value
Federated States of Little Upsilon15,355,177,605,605
Valde Subsidium14,733,931,636,718
Tempus Fugit South14,007,962,752,248
Tempus Fugit North12,445,800,728,380
The Confederacy of Imperium States10,367,428,817,141
Tempis Fugit Diem10,122,051,126,419
Lacerta Defense Initiative9,945,672,667,721
LDI HQ8,583,030,749,252
United Nations of LU7,927,927,913,356
CIS West7,448,550,278,703
Federation of West Walton7,342,562,182,504
Porta Bellissima6,477,423,242,239
Lancashire Regiment4,669,690,537,171
Federation of Phil4,605,412,260,466
daffys quacker jacks4,439,220,652,630
CIS East4,399,748,341,112
Federation of English Counties4,098,395,187,862
La Familia del THE EMPIRE3,453,800,903,172
Commonwealth of Free States2,950,322,692,498
Evil Woody Thought Empire2,927,301,431,227
Allied Forces2,851,785,753,598
White Highlands Collective2,680,785,389,035

FederationEmployed Army
Tempus Fugit North44,406,472
Tempis Fugit Diem43,961,063
Tempus Fugit South40,256,592
Lacerta Defense Initiative38,903,272
Federated States of Little Upsilon34,109,403
The Confederacy of Imperium States32,517,691
CIS East21,300,868
Valde Subsidium20,324,045
Porta Bellissima19,922,980
CIS West18,296,964
United Nations of LU15,267,942
Federation of English Counties13,512,622
World Order LU10,295,959
Dave Chappelle9,821,975
Federation of West Walton9,646,088
seventy first Airborne Brigade9,263,950
daffys quacker jacks8,164,559
Commonwealth of Free States7,480,597
united we stand7,475,554
Lancashire Regiment7,464,215
LDI HQ7,280,277

FederationNomial Value
Valde Subsidium1,920
LDI HQ1,250
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,238
Tempus Fugit North1,143
Tempus Fugit South1,138
Lacerta Defense Initiative1,021
Tempis Fugit Diem969
The Confederacy of Imperium States757
United Nations of LU731
Porta Bellissima617
La Familia del THE EMPIRE594
Federation of West Walton561
CIS West471
White Highlands Collective410
Lancashire Regiment311
CIS East301
Evil Woody Thought Empire301
Commonwealth of Free States298
Federation of English Counties277
daffys quacker jacks275
Federation of Phil225
Ricks Italic Fed223

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