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Well it didn't take long. (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Well it didn't take long. (Golden Rainbow)

Wendy (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 06:37 pm Click here to edit this post
OH comon, when you reach Tom please lay out the whole story . . . .

On Your side:

You take my countries when you feel like it, and for a hostile bidder, or something I said on the forums!

I can paste another hostile bid thread, in which the first response to the person was, "I'd just nuke 'em", and vet after vet agreed.

Then to top it off you come on the forums bragging and act like I deserved it.

Kains intentions were only to disrupt my economic game which was clearly stated in front of many players in irc, it was suddenly "cool" to be a hostile bidder.

You continue to threaten me with nukes, all while making proposal after proposal to ban my countries from nukes. You should read the papers on all worlds I haven't used one to date.

Though I proposed peace, you (jason) kept making threats in an attemp to provoke me to attack you only because you thought you had a plan in place to counteract my only means to defend my country from hostile bidders.

You also were "paid to take me out" in your words, so just take your losses and move back into peace.
The compensation you received should far outweigh the losses you've accumulated.

On my side, yes, I have made some statements to have a few players upset as they have done to me as well. What I don't get though, is why you are crying about it now?

If you can't take it, don't dish it.

I have sneak attacked several players.

The first i will point out is steelknike/veritas.

The reason? He had a colorful choice of words that would offend most players. If i was skilled anywhere close to his level of play in the war game, I would have declared, but i'm not. So hence the sneak attacks, they were only intended as a warning, that to watch his word choice, as was the warning I received when barney took two of my first c3s. However as of late he has not used that language again, hence, the sneak attacks stoped, we both understood each other.

The second is Kain. The reason? He flat out deserved it. He is a skkilled fighter from FB is what im told. He took ricky's countries, he thought I was dumb enough to bring my only real asset out of secured. I was not that dumb to his surprise. He hostiled three corps. When I asked him why, he stated "I am going to ruin your economy as you watch." I thought, ok cool. I asked him to retract he refused. Now what was I supposed to do, declare myself into an obvious loss. I am much more intelligent than that. He continued bidding and laughed away thinking I had no means to exact a just revenge for his actions. Case closed.

The last one is Loki. The reason. Point blank, you declared on my nation is response to my attacks on a hostile bidder, you defended him and made it publicly look like anyone can hostile bid, and that my countries are for the taking for any tard who feels jumpy. well they are not. I looked for peace and was going to overlook that because the c3s were only intended to teach kain a lesson about throwing his weight around for no reason. But your fedmate jason kept on provoking me thinking that i am afraid or unable to respond to that declaration. I may not be able to execute a war effectively at the moment so I do what i have to. The delay in attacking sooner was to show you that i do not search for war or conflict, and am more than reasonable, your federation chose the way of provocation rather then reason, though I could have taken out upwards of ten corps b4 bigmouth would shut up, I only took four. Again it was meant as a warning, not an all out attempt to destroy your economy (an action you chose to defend, btw. So take it with grace and stay out of my affairs, that should be fair enough.

That is a two sided story if i ever heard one. Full of cause and effect, and something we should all be thinking about. Pushing your weight around while sometimes necessary, may not always be a wise course of action. Why beg for features that only balance out the playing field to be removed? What you should be doing is guarding your actions more closely. Refrain form trying to intimidate players and remember the golden rule, " Do unto others as you would have done to you." Everything else should fall into place and the game would go on fine. Don't cry to the "game Gods, for something you really wanted, it just wasn't the outcome you expected.

So lay off me and you'll be ok.

Thank you.

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