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The Philadelphian Empire War or Peace (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The Philadelphian Empire War or Peace (Little Upsilon)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008 - 07:35 pm Click here to edit this post
Ok, then there is no worries for The Philadelphian empire, or the CIS, may you all enjoy your peace.

To dub, I have displayed profitability, maybe not as much as you have but I would probably attribute that to the amount of time we have in respectively. Look, the forum is of use to all players, there are many who don't agree with my view and many whom I don't agree with. If I was in a position to war effectively against that person, I am afraid I would have to find a more justifiable reason than I don't agree with something they said. Many have said that I am immature, and I think that warring for that reason alone is quite immature myself. Disagreement is a given in the real world and simcountry, it does not always have to mean someone attempting to roll over you in an attempt to get you to shutup. There are better ways to disagree. We all have the rights and privledges of the forum. As long as I retain it, while I won't try to intentionally set anyone against me, its a matter of personal choice for that person that feel offended. A mutually beneficial relationship goes both ways. While i may disagree or dislike any number of players, It doesn't mean that I should attempt to "roll" that person or persons, and I wouldn't. And if i was in a position and chose to do so instead, I certainly wouldn't be asking for the deletion of features meant to present balance to the game, as I would have been the one to have started the hostilities in game in the first place and not carry our disagreement over the forums where it originated. Thats all dub. As you can see I have been more than discriminating in the targets I chose. Given our exchange of words, it has always in fact stayed on the forums and not in the game, though you wouldn't mind it. I never attacked you simply because you said something bad to me, or elsewise. Despite what you may think, i hold a certain level of respect for you, it has just disturbed me to see you almost attempt to stoop to others levels, you are quite able to accomplish things on other levels, and constantly tapping my microphone to interject well makes me question if you really wish to retain that level of respect you have earned. I would like to remain friends, if possible, however I don't know only time will tell. As far as hearing my mouth, I'm sorry, but that is a given. But it is expected, I AM a voice in the SC community as well as you. I hope you can come to understand that. Thank You

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