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Lelouch's Federation Statistics March 2284 (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Lelouch's Federation Statistics March 2284 (Little Upsilon)

Lelouch (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - 05:00 am Click here to edit this post
Heres the Federation Statistics accurate to March 2284

Federated States of Little Upsilon1,117,751,302
Tempus Fugit North1,100,727,652
Tempus Fugit South1,031,215,522
Valde Subsidium958,241,726
Tempis Fugit Diem856,374,407
Lacerta Defense Initiative785,883,144
United Nations of LU715,496,584
The Confederacy of Independent Imperiums640,973,059
LDI HQ522,800,938
CIS West489,507,626
Porta Bellissima463,388,892
Federation of West Walton448,465,988
Federation of English Counties396,770,691
Lancashire Regiment360,090,707
League of Nations327,493,246
Federation of Phil300,100,133
daffys quacker jacks261,993,698
CIS East248,033,982
Honor Virtutis Praemium210,571,100
Allied Forces210,331,709
The Con206,712,483
Allied Forces Academy197,415,566

FederationTotal Production Value
Valde Subsidium14,387,766,605,634
Federated States of Little Upsilon14,275,506,757,473
Tempus Fugit South14,246,132,606,290
Tempus Fugit North12,726,855,639,322
Tempis Fugit Diem9,814,482,729,651
Lacerta Defense Initiative9,511,257,642,315
LDI HQ8,788,324,059,119
The Confederacy of Independent Imperiums8,187,244,510,986
United Nations of LU7,708,942,203,688
Porta Bellissima6,302,637,931,159
CIS West5,858,220,955,977
Federation of West Walton5,642,121,734,681
Federation of Phil4,181,210,632,517
Lancashire Regiment4,141,001,808,729
daffys quacker jacks4,054,062,161,527
Federation of English Counties4,000,197,455,251
La Familia del THE EMPIRE3,418,497,948,990
League of Nations3,162,204,541,086
CIS East2,846,322,214,884
Allied Forces2,453,194,715,201
White Highlands Collective2,451,227,147,095
Evil Woody Thought Empire2,422,430,206,395

FederationEmployed Army
Tempus Fugit North52,905,006
Tempus Fugit South42,589,539
Tempis Fugit Diem41,968,730
Lacerta Defense Initiative37,716,634
Federated States of Little Upsilon32,883,451
The Confederacy of Independent Imperiums30,412,650
Valde Subsidium23,491,916
Porta Bellissima18,985,338
CIS West15,982,149
United Nations of LU15,074,546
CIS East10,794,416
Federation of English Counties9,806,863
Federation of West Walton8,939,637
Lancashire Regiment7,434,000
LDI HQ7,214,766
World Order LU7,190,118
united we stand7,141,382
seventy first Airborne Brigade6,951,333
daffys quacker jacks6,760,824
Evil Woody Thought Empire6,041,699
Dave Chappelle5,708,009

Federation Nominal Value
Valde Subsidium1,925
Tempus Fugit North1,318
LDI HQ1,293
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,215
Tempus Fugit South1,176
Lacerta Defense Initiative999
Tempis Fugit Diem934
United Nations of LU759
The Confederacy of Independent Imperiums600
Porta Bellissima583
La Familia del THE EMPIRE582
Federation of West Walton441
White Highlands Collective395
CIS West359
daffys quacker jacks321
Lancashire Regiment289
Federation of English Counties274
CIS East238
Evil Woody Thought Empire235
League of Nations215
Veritas Colonial LU206
Federation of Phil203

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