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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - 06:27 pm Click here to edit this post
Yes, a big shame that he died. It was unexpected, but yet not. He had a disease which usually leads to death.

The saddest part is that many of all the hints for the future that he left in the first 11 books might not get a followup now that his wife will finish the books. Im sure on the large scale things will end the way he wanted....but all those small things which made the books worth reading, will they be followed up? I fear not.

I hope some of the biggest ones will be revealed though.

Like for example, is Ishamael the dark one? At a first glance it looks that way, but having read it once you're certain he's not. There are many thing "proving" he's not. But going very much into the details, Ive been speculating he might be after all. For this to be possible though, Moridin can't really be Ishamael. Yet there isnt really anything that Ive found which connects the two, except assumtions by people around him. Its difficult finding another candidate to be Moridin though. Yet there are a couple of things I cant explain with Ishamael/Ba'alzamon being anyone but the dark one himself.

What about Demandred, who is he concealed as? Taim? The prophet? Or maybe someone compltely different? The prophet doesnt seem all that unlikely to me, although there is nothing that Ive seen that really points in that direction.

And Mesaana? I havent really followed up on that one, but given the desire to command others amoongst the forsaken, she is most likely a sitter amongst those who replaced sitters that fled the tower after the revolt. I would think one of the brown or red. Elaida seem very unlikely though...

The books are very interesting in this regard, and Ive considered buying the english versions of the books to better be able to follow up on thigns which have been missed in the translation.

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