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Operation PeaceNik Officially Terminated (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Operation PeaceNik Officially Terminated (Little Upsilon)

FarmerBob (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, July 12, 2008 - 06:33 am Click here to edit this post
To all you new players who have messaged me over the weeks, the operation that I have been conducting on your behalf is officially drawing to a close.

Here's your AAR:

You should have the following strategic intelligence available to you now from my activities in the forums.

1. The actual lines of power and relationships in play in LU politics.

2. The relative attitudes of the major active LU powers towards war and other players.

3. The playing habits and times of activity for many players.

4. Who is a working adult. (vulnerable during their working hours)

5. Who is a school student. (generally with more time to play, but very vulnerable during exam weeks)

6. Who actually values their simproperty. (vulnerable due to their attachment, hurt them enough and will generally quit fighting)

7. Who does not value their property. ( very dangerous as they will likely fight to the bloody end on principle or just for the fun of it)

8. Who has remained silent thruout and very well may be a player who is just on LU to make some coins for use elsewhere.

9. Which players can pushed and who cannot.

10. Who is paranoid and paying attention and likely to catch you at attempted machinations.

There is much more to be gleaned if you have the sense to identify and make use of it.

Therefore, I can't really do anything more for you. You are going to have to learn the economics so that may finance a capable military.
You will need to learn the war engine and how to manipulate it.

I would point out some things for you, however.:

1. You will have to make some friends and allies eventually if you want to play long term. Even if you don't participate in the forums, message some players in game and start getting to know people.

2. As should be abundantly clear from my activities, you don't have to hide in anonymity.
I've thrown so much crap at these vets over the past few weeks and they haven't bitten my head off. Taking the initiative to say hello on the forums will not get you killed.

3. Your would be opponents are not monsters or mean viscious pychopaths. Just players and people like you.

4. Use the information that has been presented in these debates to your advantage.

This is not a "fair" game in many respects. It shouldn't be. You don't get to start out being a superpower. You earn it through patience, trial and error, and learning from those around you. It is not a game for the impatient or overly sensitive. You slowly build what you have and have to be prepared to defend it. The real world is not nice, polite, or just. A Sim world should be no different.

Though right now, many vets might appear to you to be egotistical tyrants, itching to stomp anyone who says boo, they are not nor ever have been. They are players who have paid their dues and seen a lot of newbs and noobs come and go. Act with a little sense and you will be one of them soon enough.

If you really don't like some of them, fair enough. Get strong. Learn the game. Do to them what you can, when you can. They are big boys and girls and can take it.

SimCountry will be what you make it. You want war, it's here in abundance. You want to be left alone and live in peace, it's very possible to that with little effort.

The game is still best, though, when you make full use of it's greatest asset: the other players. They are what make SC a truly fun and outstanding game.

Remember, however, that it is a game. Just 1's and 0's on a Dutch computer as Sam has so aptly expressed. Games have winners and losers. If you lose something, it can be replaced. Lighten up and have fun with it. You will eventually figure things out.

Well, enough lecturing. I believe that I've done quite enough of that already to people who didn't need it.

I believe my moral obligation to the spirit of "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" has been fulfilled. You will have to take if from here on your own.

Mission Accomplished.

End Report.

To the vets who have put up with my crap over the past several weeks, I can only shake my head in awe at your patience and forbearance. To have some apparent noob come into your world and start lecturing you without stomping him into paste is a remarkable demonstration of self restraint.
Sim vets, like real vets, don't generally take much crap from those who haven't been there and done that and paid their dues.
My hat is off to you all.

@LDI Now that the mask is off, I may say that I love having you all on LU. Players who stir the pot and keep things interesting make this game so much more enjoyable. Keep it up.

@Pink Keep on with the roleplaying. I really dig your sense of humor and wish you post more often. You've got a great bunch of players there and are doing a great service for us all.
Hail the Pinkinator.

@Wild A player with cojones is an inspiration. You've got a great big pair with a thick coat of crazy and I love it. You make me wish I'd had daughters.
Stay Wild.

@Arkh Players like you who put in the extra efforts to add new dimensions or tools the game are really saints. Keep up the truly outstanding work. It is appreciated.

@Dub you are one of the most promising youg players I've encountered on SC over the years. Stay on the path you've taken and you will likely be one of the greats.

@Laguna Take your hand off my ass and quit blowing in my ear. I told you before that the weekend in Cabo was a one time thing.

Finally, for poor Sam who has borne the brunt of my barrage of bull@#$%. Wow. Arguing that pantywaist, Ghandi-wannabe crap in the face of your common sense arguments was a challenge. Your post in the 10 commandment thread was near perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. How you kept from blowing me away, I will never know. If I had to make one more stupid point to keep you going, I was going to have to remove war protection and nuke myself. You've been a great a sport and hopefully the message about Simreality and what this game is about was not lost on new players.
Every world should have a god of war to make the noobs tremble in fear. You have continued the tradition of BadKarma admirably.

In conclusion, having fulfilled my obligation to the newbs of LU to give them some help with understanding their world and the game environment, I will now retire to semi obscurity and concentrate on the row I have to hoe. Upon getting all growed up, I will resume more active participation on LU and look forward to engaging you all as a peer rather than a pain in the ass, loudmouthed noob.

Thanks for the good times.

Linebacker Six out.

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