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Loki's Federation Stats 9/7/08 (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Loki's Federation Stats 9/7/08 (Little Upsilon)

Loki of Azure (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 04:18 am Click here to edit this post
These Federation stats is brought to you by The Azurian Confederacy, if you have any problems with them please don't hesitate to send me a message, this is my first time doing this.

These President stats are accurate to June 2267

FederationTotal Population
Valde Subsidium1,141,543,485
Federated States of Little Upsilon1,096,516,316
Tempus Fugit North1,025,801,659
Tempis Fugit Diem1,017,550,523
Tempus Fugit South904,167,764
Lacerta Defense Initiative825,494,378
United Nations of LU676,985,267
LDI HQ639,450,197
Discordian Mixor Alliance607,355,503
The Roman Republic418,080,678
Federation of West Walton409,477,002
Federation of English Counties371,378,617
League of Nations327,961,999
Honor Virtutis Praemium312,765,086
Federation of Phil312,084,691
JJland SDF296,073,509
Lancashire Regiment292,397,120
Ricks Italic Fed286,356,432
The Con260,643,574
Confederacy of Independent Nations241,009,554
Allied Forces229,406,087
Byzantine Alliance222,921,698
Hostile Bidder Protectorate204,447,181

FederationProduction Value
Valde Subsidium15,343,264,703,072
Federated States of Little Upsilon14,857,200,891,747
Tempus Fugit South13,607,568,343,830
Tempus Fugit North11,316,717,505,126
LDI HQ10,487,490,367,420
Lacerta Defense Initiative10,376,708,700,347
Tempis Fugit Diem9,886,453,554,237
Discordian Mixor Alliance8,876,890,942,455
United Nations of LU7,389,608,760,494
The Roman Republic5,751,054,589,255
Federation of West Walton5,039,374,638,043
Federation of English Counties4,505,060,838,625
Federation of Phil4,364,680,101,253
JJland SDF3,965,860,903,408
Ricks Italic Fed3,476,208,809,005
La Familia del THE EMPIRE3,339,617,870,705
Lancashire Regiment3,280,340,641,823
League of Nations3,147,343,533,272
Hostile Bidder Protectorate3,098,475,779,103
The Con2,707,275,419,783
Confederacy of Independent Nations2,670,459,009,151
Byzantine Alliance2,582,082,593,680
White Highlands Collective2,407,683,421,382

FederationArmy Employed
Tempus Fugit North47,555,179
Lacerta Defense Initiative46,430,321
Tempis Fugit Diem43,255,520
Tempus Fugit South37,226,201
Federated States of Little Upsilon31,092,190
Valde Subsidium28,042,981
The Roman Republic16,688,105
United Nations of LU15,431,160
LDI HQ11,347,257
Federation of English Counties9,198,955
JJland SDF9,034,636
Discordian Mixor Alliance7,977,691
Federation of West Walton7,612,822
Lancashire Regiment6,959,590
Federation of Phil6,828,196
Confederacy of Independent Nations6,754,825
League of Nations5,683,315
An new Age5,345,178
Allied Forces5,070,281
The Con4,954,081
Evil Woody Thought Empire4,798,790
Corporate Security4,793,751

FederationNominal Value
Valde Subsidium1927
LDI HQ1358.3
Tempus Fugit North1315.6
Federated States of Little Upsilon1305
Tempus Fugit South1113.2
Tempis Fugit Diem928.5
Discordian Mixor Alliance887.5
Lacerta Defense Initiative831.6
United Nations of LU729.2
La Familia del THE EMPIRE538.6
The Roman Republic528.4
Hostile Bidder Protectorate432.9
Federation of West Walton432.7
White Highlands Collective390.4
JJland SDF319.9
Ricks Italic Fed294.7
Confederacy of Independent Nations285.6
Federation of English Counties263.9
Honor Virtutis Praemium260.8
Lancashire Regiment225.2
Byzantine Alliance223.6
daffys quacker jacks219.4
League of Nations210

Thank you :)

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