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Hostile Bidding (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Hostile Bidding (Little Upsilon)

Kris McCraw (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - 08:29 am Click here to edit this post
Dude I'm sorry.
Can I buy ya a beer ?

I just wanted us to make some money together.
Sorry I didn't get approval first.

I guess I can expect my new purchase to be nationalized.
That would be a good move and just
punishment and reminder for me to never give you any money again.

Yes please boycott me indefinately.
The list is correct

Valhalla FTZ
Danzig FTZ
CS West Danzig

A boycott will be very effective and would actually help me. That will make me even more aggressive in seeking goods for the homeland. I'll be buying even more loser corps to turn around. I'll try to buy the ones that don't sell to me first.

Please buy my corps.
I buy em cheap and have no emotional attachments to them.

Please show interest in invading. I'd be gald to remove war protection to see how I fair.

Even nuke me.
Wouldn't that be cool ?
I'd love to start over again.
I made so many mistakes !

Be it known.
I'm a bottom fisher.
I like dogs with fleas.
I like corps that are about to go under or profitable ones less than 25 billion.
If you ain't taken care of em.
If you don't have CEO block or your corps nationalized. I figure you must want me to buy them to make em profitable.

If I can turn the corp around where it is it will stay. If not I'll move it into my emprie where I can take care of labor. I might even be nice and send some labor if ya want to trade and make more money.

If you get upset and come buy 4 of my corps for 4 - 12 times what I paid for them. Please do. This is good business. I buy one bad one you get 5 good profitable ones. I'm not upset in the least.

Oh ya if your upset with the names I choose please come take the offending nation(s) and rename them to your desire.

I'm rather easy to get along with zero taxes low unempolyment.

55 private corps in Valhalla
14 in Danzig
7 in West Danzig
and growing ......

Shun me or hugg me we're probally going to be doing business in the future or already do.

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