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Sam Houston has Declared war on SeaPebbles. (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Sam Houston has Declared war on SeaPebbles. (Golden Rainbow)

SeaPebbles (Little Upsilon)

Monday, July 7, 2008 - 02:42 am Click here to edit this post
Hello Sam Houston,
I am absolutely surprised at your last post. You manning up like that wasn't easy to do, seems you have a sense of honor about you that I never had the opportunity to recognize.

Since I see that your not the snot nosed, loud mouth kid I envisioned you as, I will start doling you out some respect. I'll start by changing the names of my countries in which are jabbing at ya, poking fun.
since we both got a hefty taste of each other I am willing to end this war if you can agree with what I am laying out.
The stuff I wrote in the first letter arent my demands anymore...I reserve that stuff for TRUE asshats. You are stil an asshat along with me, but I see you differantly as I said.

First and most important.
Can you please aknowledge the fact that I am NOT a multi. If I were into playing several accounts I woulda started a brand new one on LU with a new name, style etc that I coulda easily built up and snuck up on ya with. Am I right? I knew I'd catch some flak for coming here but I didnt figure it would happen so fast.
Second I stand by my 2T per country fee. This cost me a fair ammount of ammo.

I guess that would be it on my end.

We are both pretty good warriors and maybe it would be best if we left each other be and just sit back and make some of this money LU has to offer. Sound good and fair? Hell Im gonna add a third... We must both start building CEO corps in each others empires. Thatll force us 2 mean kids to learn to work together eh? AND make a lil $$ on the side.

Waddaya say Mr. Houston?

General Dirt

Hello Deffy!
How did ya go from a really cool Transformer name to a frozen slim jim?
Your right Deffy, karma did indeed bite me on the bum. I guess I prolly deserved to have my eye blackened for sme of my aggressive behavior on GR.
My only issue is that it shoulda been done by someone that I thumped in that way. I pulled some dirty crap but I never attacked anyone with nothing activated, nothing garrisoned get my point. So I guess this was a lil payback and I accept it. Now I want to make a lil jingle. Sure I could just swipe the old credit card and do it the easy way, but I'm trying to learn about economics. LU is a great platform for that, as you well know.

So Mr. Ameche, I know you and I have a crapload of unsettled business. Business that can be settled on our other planets...GR and my new WG settlement. Can we let LU be our money generators, leave each other be? As I told Sam, we are both good warriors and it may be in BOTH of our best interest to just keep makin money here on LU.
I'm not looking for a treaty. Just a simple unwritten nod wll do the trick. Do I trust you? HELL NO! You trust me? I hope not! But I think we can at least settle this by leaving each other be on least till Winter and we both have more time on our hands.

General Dirt

PS-I am willing to build your CEO corps in my empire if your interested. I keep taxes at 24% and GUARANTEE 100% employment. If you agree I'd like to build in yours.

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