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Sam Houston has Declared war on SeaPebbles. (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Sam Houston has Declared war on SeaPebbles. (Golden Rainbow)

SeaPebbles (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, July 6, 2008 - 01:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Yep, ya caught me off guard with your declarations on my 2 c3s. Good 1. Chicken shit, but good non the less. I kinda figure you were gonna try and clip me in the summertime when most folks are busy doing outside things. I also kinda figure your kinda scared of me because of the events on GR. Both may be true or not...but 1 thing is certain, since you decided to be a hero and pre-empt me, you have earned yourself a bona-fide pain in the ass for the rest of your days on LU. Congradulations! Despite what you may think, i came to LU to earn some cha-ching and help pay for the huge cost of the Great War I just went thru. We may have tied up in the future, because, afterall, it is your turf I'm on and I can respect that. But since you have chosen this path I shall change course too! Say goodbye to all your high profits Sammy. POOF! Promise.

Oh yeah, you can end this before things get started. Heres the list.

Don't attack my 2 sub-par slaves.
Pay me 2T for the cost of me having a heart attack and for the cost of my re-activation. Each country.
Say your sorry for being an asshat. I don't expect this 1 tho. We all know you like the asshat. In fact, I think you pull it all the way down over your ears.

I'm sure your Fedmates will get involved and that is fine. I have no grudge or beef with them. I'm sure I'll hafta beat back their attacks as well. Eventually they will get sick of it as I can be VERY persistant. Then it will be just you and I.
I know you have a yucky feeling in your stomach right now. You can make it all go away by being a man and following the above steps.

You may have a larger military, more countries and friends than me Sam. But I have things you will never have that are equally important. I am disabled with a buttload of chair time, (No pun intended), medication that keeps me awake up to 22 hours a day, and alot of bordom. Do ya really wanna tie up with that? Think about it.

Respectfully to the LDI,
And spittin' on Sams toe,

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