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RESOLVED: EHMNL Prosperity and Freedom Declaration 2 (Little Upsilon) (Lol) (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  RESOLVED: EHMNL Prosperity and Freedom Declaration 2 (Little Upsilon) (Lol) (Little Upsilon)

Dubhthaigh (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 10:11 pm Click here to edit this post
SUBMITTED TO: Active and Future Presidents of Little Upsilon

SUBJECT: EHMNL Prosperity and Freedom Declaration
PROPOSED BY: Dubhthaigh of the Valde Subsidium.

1. The North of Little Upsilon in it's entirety.

2. REAFFIRMING the principles of supreme rule and divine right of me to govern my god-given area.

3.RECOGNIZING hisown rightful sphere of economic influence from Paova Major to Draca Mixor.

4. TAKING into consideration the volatility involved in the influx of new players resulting from the vacation of older ones, and

5. FULLY BELIEVING right and proper action need be taken for the enduring preservation of the region:

6. 1. ADOPTS the "Dubhthaigh is god" Declaration, ensuring all shall be subjected to my infinite and magnanimous will.

7. 2. DECLARES a sovereign sphere of protectorate influence, both economic and militarily, over all Northern Continents, and;

8. 3. DESIGNATES this sphere as regions:

9. a. Possessing a proper territory of the Empire, and

10. b. Possessing interests of the empire or allies thereof, and

11. c. Possessing territories of empires officially requesting protectorate status under the Empire, and

12. d. Bordering the above lines within an area of 99999999999999999km of the nearest territory of the Empire

13. 3. FURTHER RESOLVES to remove threats in the above areas; and

14. 4. INCLUDING but not limited to:

15. a. Hostile empires, and

16. b. Countries of hostile bidding CEOs, and

17. c. Hostly nationalizing countries, and

18. d. Unstable and uncooperative new players

19. e. Anyone presently or previously directly causing harm to territories of the Empire.

20. 5. EXCLUDING countries of:

21. a. Well standing relations with the Empire, and

22. b. Established empires of good reputation and relations with the Empire, and

23. 6. URGES other empires of similar standing as himself to take similar action for the preservation of the unique playing environment of Little Upsilon; and

24. 7. WELCOMES the cooperation of any federation, major or minor, so long as interests are non-conflicting and they subject to my divine will; remember daddy knows best.

My thoughts are infinite, my actions are unstoppable, i am Dubhthaigh, I am god, Worship me or be ground into the dust.

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