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RESOLVED: EHMNL Prosperity and Freedom Declaration (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  RESOLVED: EHMNL Prosperity and Freedom Declaration (Little Upsilon)


Friday, June 20, 2008 - 09:00 am Click here to edit this post
Wild eyes. Your "sphere of influence" extends exactly as far the countries you control and not one inch further.
Claims of regional hegemony are so much bluster. Period.
While your "declaration" obviously took some effort and was nicely crafted, in SC terms, it is so much Bravo Sierra.
Having friends is nice. Having enemies is not.
You took out a player without discussion over a PAST offence? Should anyone who ever crossed paths with you be making serious war preparations?
When you make such a presumptious statement and then act in a like manner, you declare yourself a noob despite the amount of time you may have been playing.
You owe Bobble Head Matt reparations and an apology.
Or be prepared to be shown the same discourtesies yourself.
I despise tyrants.
I despise those who abuse those weaker than themselves.
I could not give a rat's ass what names you post as "friends" who will support you.
Actual vets know you do not take out other players without just cause unless you are looking for a wider fight.
W3C has made SC wonderfully protective of new players granting all sorts of mechanisms for abuse by kamikazes.
You probably don't remember a player named Bad Karma who managed to dominate WG several years back with only 3 fedmates and a dozen countries between them.
No one is invulnerable, especially now.
I will be examining my CEO investment carefully to ensure I have no assets anywhere near you. I will also be communicating with the above mentioned players to determine their level of commitment to your exercise in hubris and divesting in them as well if necessary.
Further, if the Napeolonic delusions you apparently harbor are continued, I will happily advertise for you to other CEO's that your countries may not be the wisest locations for investment.
You are obviously confused and dumbfounded by my harsh response to your rather innocent post, so I will explain:
Having played SC off and on since the days of 40mil pop C3's, pre navies and nukes, and the wild west days of continental wars, I have seen the game progress to a more peaceful nature of "builders" rather than destroyers.
Some common threads with the players, however, have been those who build up only to kamikaze when they get bored and those who play for a while and start looking for enemies. The easiest way to accomplish the latter is start making regional claims that cannot be enforced by a single player. Your name is on this thread and I see no evidence of a joint declaration by any others. If this is indeed a declaration of regional influence by a player's collective, please enumerate the participants and clearly define the EXACT area of said influence.
But that still brings us back to the issue of your actions against Matt. You have foolishly either
a. made an enemy who can be at minumum a serious pain in your nether region indefinitely, or
b. chased a player from the game who posed you no threat.
Either is irresponsible.
If your "friends" and yourself are seeking to make LU into FB, no problem. I build war empires anyway and look forward to some lovely fights in the coming years. If, however, you meant to merely delare a "zone of protection" for all players located therein, please clarify.
Incidently, having interacted with most of the aforementioned, I have my doubts that any of these responsible players are committing themselves to open invitation hostilities.

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