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Operation Payback (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Operation Payback (Little Upsilon)

John R

Thursday, June 19, 2008 - 11:02 pm Click here to edit this post
While you were losing your time attacking Lance of Zadok, I was enjoying my last conversations with some suisse people and getting to know those who worked at Geneva's airport.

While you were wasting your time attacking Lance of Zadok, I was admiring the beautiful and well planned city of Geneva from the skies, and gazing at the magnitude of Mont Blanc.

As I appreciated the uniqueness of the portuguese and spanish landscape, with special remark to Almeida and the Pyrenees, I was discussing some ideas and principles with a web designer who, curiously enough, sat right next to me with his client. On the other side of the globe, you were eagerly clicking your mouse.

From my discussion with the web designer, I gained some essential and curious ideas on how to build a website, suited to its target audience. Ideas, which I will use on a site I participate with and adapt them to here.
I just hope he learnt half as much from me as I did from him; if not, at least, reassuring some principles on communication.

My day did not end when my plane landed. I still had a stroll around Lisbon. When I returned to my city, I gave myself to the delight of correcting paperwork... But that was compensated by the joyfulness of seeing my relatives again.

After dining Cozido de Bacalhau, I logged on to Simcountry and saw Lance of Zadok's WI near 17. I took a brief look around somethings, I saw I was fucked. ;p

Regarding the time previous to the war,
I knew Vicious was going to attack me, I also knew Vicious was going focus on Lance of Zadok, because of the three slaves conquered around it... I'm usually annoyed when my targets raise War Protection, so following the maxim "do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you", I did not raise War Protection. I was gentle enough, to give Vicious the thrill of war.

I'm not annoyed nor anything of the like about losing possession of Lance of Zadok. I know what I could have done to prevent its lost, but I choose not so. I could have conquered C3s Vicious without any difficulty, but I could not done so and I know why.
The reason Vicious was capable of conquering Lance of Zadok resumes down to this:

I wasn't online. I did not have the time to give a fuck. I wasn't going to bother myself to give a fuck.

Moving on to the stupidity in Vicious's post,
It would be nice to prove your claims, for once, wouldn't it? Or, at least, to be objective; if not, contextualize. But that's somewhat impossible for you. You're narcissist personality simply forbids it.

The four adjectives that would post define Vicious post are:
Egocentric - me me me me me me me;
Arrogant - If I can't do it, no one can;
Biased - My self-satisfied, spot on, perfect and immaculate vision of reality, outweighs objectivity every time;
Boastful - You see that?!? You see that?!? I did that!!.

To begin with, I do not generate conspiracies. I either declare and attack, or I don't. I do not wait for the right moment to attack. I do not plan things to the millimetre. I do not turn every little unpleasant encounter into a full fledged drama. I do not boast about it on the forum or anywhere else.

You are right, you are a merchant. You aren't a warlord. You aren't a vet. You aren't a player. You aren't even an entrepreneur.
While a Warlord, a Vet and a Player are to play and have fun, you aren't.
While an entrepreneur is, ultimately, at the society's service, you aren't.
But you are correct, you are an merchant, you are an opportunist.

As all opportunists, you are unprovided of an ethical judgement. Or wouldn't you boast you won 135T... But that is all more than clear in your person, in your methods and in your biased, boastful messages.

Haven't you noticed, that no one else in this game boasts on the forum about what they've won in their war efforts?

I've noticed that Vicious only posts his "operations" if they are successful. If he was honest and objective, he would have renamed this at least Payback Operation 2 - just not to say 7. ;p

This shows Vicious values his image, far more than he values honesty.

But moving on...

Playing this game is not a right. Playing this game is a privilege.

Players, in every game, since ever, have chosen who plays. They always filter the playerbase, so that those with similar or complementary personalities stay, and those who disturb the game or oppose it do not.

You disturb the game, for your unethical attitude and narcissist personality does not fit with anyone.

Ergo, if the game hadn't so many barriers, you would have been naturally removed much sooner, as you indeed were.

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