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News: Salem Kadury - Lacerta (Little Upsilon)

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Loki of Azure (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, June 8, 2008 - 10:28 pm Click here to edit this post
(( I've been doing alot lately involving the improvement of my nation..and since Im rather bored and all i see is CEO requests and worker requests on the boards, i just wanted to put something else on there. ))
After the Azureian Crusades against western Salem Kadury alot of events have taken place. The Confederacy of the Azure Consortium formerly known as the Holy Exian Empire had many issues ever since the end of the Holy wars. The expansion of the land lead to stretched out government spending, and the invasions themselves had cost the lives of thousands. Despite the victory, the people of states sought a revolution against their Theocratic government, Aristocrats gathered and managed to limit the religous leaders power, creating the Confederacy.

As of recently The Confederacy has begun a empire wide production program of increasing its economy and defensive power. Millions of immigrants are promised with jobs with high wages and minimal taxes. Many or even all of the state corporation have been submitted and available for bidding.

In the past few months with the permission of Kitai of Lightning leader of the PLacid Stillity, the Confederacy has successfully conducted a Tactical nuclear attack on the Placid Stillity District 1 in order to test out strategic strength. The nuclear director of the confederacy stressed that only Tactical missiles were used in this test, so there was low chances of harming its neighbors. Military power has also been on the rise within the empire to finalize the Azuriain Crusade and declare manifest destiny of the Salem Kadury West coast line.

Its almost certain that the Confederacy has become much more competitive in international affairs, and perhaps with the unification of the confederacy, becomes a Economically strong empire.

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