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Boycott (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Boycott (Little Upsilon)

Naro (Little Upsilon)

Friday, June 6, 2008 - 10:05 am Click here to edit this post
So was it:

A. You only wanted to prove a point and since you had, you let the war lapse?


B. You were just about to get it all together and take over my country when you happened to be at work and the war lapsed?

You and I both know you are misrepresenting the exchange between us. I wish it would have been on the boards so everyone else could see but the reality is I am most satisfied by the fact that you and I both know what transpired.

You and I know that neither one of us ever talked of nationalizing a corp. rather your first words to me were "Unless you want to lose your airport". You and I know that you insulted and threatened me first. You and I also know that you have to misrepresent the facts and bully people to have friends. And that is really all that matters to me because it proves everything I said in the beginning. You are a try-hard. The guy who puts other people down and picks on anyone on the outside to look tough. Everyone knows one when they see one. You nuked my country that had no nukes of its own and posed no threat to you. Congratulations. Scavengers who I don't know, never talked to and never interacted with took over my country. Some of them sneak attacked me and some spent all night stripping my defenses. Congratulations for picking on someone minding their own business. There is probably a plaque of you somewhere in the hall of shame.

As for Laguna and Vicious, I didn't say they helped me although I may have inadvertently implied it. Laguna and Vicious did not help me per se, they simply were decent when they asked what was going on. I had no need to talk to Laguna with anything but respect even before I knew who he was because he didn't walk into my proverbial house spewing threats and demands. I would have treated you with the same respect had you greeted me in friendship and left the threats out.

Everyone of us here has been shit on at some point in our life no matter how tough or cool we are. Some of us take it and/or run away and some of us stand up for ourselves and say fuck you! Even if saying that means we get our ass kicked. I am the latter and I always will be. If that means the vets here run me out of the game then so be it. There are other games and other places to spend time and money. I'm not sorry.

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