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Boycott (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Boycott (Little Upsilon)

Arkh Mori (Little Upsilon)

Friday, June 6, 2008 - 07:58 am Click here to edit this post
First, I apologize to everyone for feeding into what is clearly flamebait, but this poor kid simply doesn't realize that he brings this onto himself.

1) I never asked a single person to attack you. Dog6 is pissed because of your own personality clashes. He asked me if I cared if he attacked you, since my war had already lapsed, and I didn't. WildEyes wanted to test some theories involving nukes, and you were a big enough asshat for her. Xaldin just didn't like that big freakin "N" in your name.

2) I never intended on doing much more than nuking you until I could secure a base on Lacerta. Unfortunately, this game provides difficulties attacking from one end of the world to another without a substantial navy. I have since secured the base, and the navy, and it's unfortunate that while I was at work one day our war lapsed. I look forward to finalizing it eventually.

3) I have as much right to protect my assets as you do yours, so yes I can 'threaten' you. Keep in mind, I asked you to either nationalize or lower taxes. Only after you decided to be a jackass did I _tell_ you to be respectful.

4) I chalk it up to the fact that no one cares about you, and you have even admitted that you were, and are, an asshat. People don't like asshats, so yeah..we're happy to be rid of you.

5) If I could save sent messages, I would not have a problem doing so. They went something like this: a) "Would you either nationalize or lower taxes?" b) "I find your attitude worthy of anger." c) "Okay, fine, I will nuke you. Or you can apologize." d) "You know what, I'm tired of nuking you, I'll take over your country instead." e) If you just apologize like I asked, it'd be easier."

6) Laguna will help you because it excites him to be contrary to me. He'll also turn around and destroy you if you spoke to him half as poorly as you did to me, and much more successfully than I ever could.'s not proper for me to try to fathom his motives.

As for being lame, no. Not a single person who assisted is 'lame.' I applaud them for coming together to turn your boycott into one of very few Lv3's to be carried out. This is because of _your_ admitted actions, _your_ claimed comments, and _your_ continued asshattery. Your post is full of asshat-ness. Can you wonder why everyone keeps piling on?

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not even the one who finally destroys your country.

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