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What is Simcountry?

"BoB" is evil (White Giant)

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Friday, March 04, 2005 - 09:21 pm Click here to edit this post
Dear gwen c, the formula you are looking for:
4000 NF attack ... let's say 2500 Ints, but the Ints are the first to get down some NF because their action is called "interception" (before reaching the target or after leaving the battlefield, it depends on the target chosed by the NF) ... 2500 Ints get in the target 2500 NF (and perhaps this is the first NF wave who was being caught/intercepted while doing something else, the attack of Ints is unexpected!), but the NF force still have 1500 NF behind waiting (their action-group is called "hunters", 1500 hunters) ... the fight begins and we discover finally that a half of the 2500 NF (intercepted in the first wave) succeeded to target 1250 Ints "hitting back" (perhaps with the help of the "hunters" group of 1500 NF) ... now from the 1500 NF - who perhaps helped but did not used yet their bombs (may be used only light ammunition till now) - only 1250 NF will get in their target 1250 Ints left, from which will drop down only a half at the current hit rates ... 675 Ints ... computing now ... 2500 NF lost and 675 Ints plus 675 Ints totalling 1250 Ints lost ... the battle ends before the rest of the 250 NF who did not used their bombs will get the chance to use them again. Rest of the losses is caused to MIBs and AAMB etc
These calculations are very close to your case: 4000 NF and 2670 Ints (for these numbers I don't have time now, requiring a little bit more difficult calculation ... a half of 2500 is 1250 or a half of 2670 is 1335 ... and so on)
Bad Karma is right, when you attack directly the airport you have slightly better war results.

If you did not understood my difficult english, I'll try again tomorrow ... I can say that this calculation I used here is not a real world fact, but at least it tries to make the game decently close to the real world. Trust this calculation ... and if you have more time check it out yourself and use your imagination about what happens on the battlefield.

(Best friend in the city!)

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