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"BoB" is evil (White Giant)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 07:05 pm Click here to edit this post
I have tried to be polite and civil up until this point. But ignorance sometimes has to be met with ignorance.

1) You dont seem to get it threw your thick head that the population was ALL that people wanted. No one could give a crap about anything else in your country. The pop is already raided, the country is already just left to rot.

2) Computer controlled countries are much better defended and have only 1/5 the pop than the piece of crap you called a country. Even after you guys bought all those Ints and Dheli you were just scratching the surface of what a real defense should look like.

3) Once again, no cares about god damned scores! For your piece of crap country, the award penalty is nothing due to low assets. When you have a real country, and a real empire that is when you get real penalties. Once again, look under the General section, the thread *Is It Fair*. He got hit with 143T in debt. You were hit with what? Maybe 10T. As said in that thread, and even said in the GAME NEWS by the GAME GOD, big countries/empires dodge awards to avoid the penalties for a good damn reason. They are even making changes to assist players in doing just that. We can only be thankful that piss ant countries like yours are numerous enough to take those hits for real countries. The only reason you won the award is because real countries all have -200 points from the CM, and intentionally have crappy slaves to drag down overall score. The CM gives/gave you nearly a 600 point swing as compared to my *main* country, and yet my *main* country's score is/was higher than yours. Shows which country is better no? I give up 600 points and if not for my slaves I would still be ranked higher than you.

4) Consider your people conquered and sold into slavery. Happened many times in the past. I am evil enough to enslave your people and sell them, or buy your enslaved people for real cheap. Right now they are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in my factories making bombs to kill you wherever you pop up next and are happier than when in your country.

5) You are either blind or dumb. Either way you may not have noticed the numerous posts from numerous people that *warlords* have real economies. You CAN NOT support an army without one. I for instance have the 3rd highest GDP on White Giant and at the same time have the highest percentage of pop in my military. My welfare index was higher than yours at the start of the war, and my people were alot safer too. Guess all the new arrivals *immigrated* for safetely and comfort.

6) I mainly kicked your ass only because of your ignorance. You can say I was spurred on by your posts. Whenever I was tired, I just read your posts. Any one of them could have killed you, but I took it upon myself to go headlong into your country and completely level it. The capital, cities, towns, counties, bases, forts, corps were all destroyed. There was only 4 damaged corps left when I was done, not even a single fort was left. Perlamo killed Teddylandia and Kobe on his own. Silver Nation was actually fighting another country at the same time. And JG was just messing around, attacking your defenses just for kicks.

7) Like you said, an economist knows its all about the cost/benefit ratio. Being how a good warlord is a good economist you were a prime target. Your country provided the best cost/benefit ratio on WG. Do yourself a favor and think before you post. Look up a C3, any C3 and look at the pop. 4 to 6M. Now look at the Defenses it has, then think about what you had. What I used in the war against you will more than make up for in the pop I have received as they will be put to good use making more money, and fielding an even larger army.

/me turns rant off. Now back to running a pathetic empire that cant even get a country in the top 10 and keep it there.

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