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"BoB" is evil (White Giant)

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Thomas Marshfield

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 05:39 pm Click here to edit this post
Actually, selling vast amounts of stock to my own corporations did drive my country into debt so that there would be no treasury to raid, as well as closing off a few corporations. So you have a country with nice infrastructure but no corporations and $1T debt. At this rate, you're best off just raiding the population and then letting the country go.

And that's what makes this whole exercise really stupid: You would have been better off grabbing an inactive or computer-controlled nation for the population. The only reason to attack us was out of sheer spite that other players don't play the same game you three do. You play a game where the awards are "BAAAAD!" because your countries can't handle the penalties, while I played a game where awards didn't hurt my country's ability to get another award in the next month (aside from the designers arbitrarily refusing to grant awards in successive months).

I would suggest to the game designers a simple alteration to the game: Eliminate the ability for population to be traded between countries. This doesn't happen in the real world anyway. Instead, allow population to emigrate to and from countries based on the relative Welfare Index levels. This is more realistic, for one, and it prevents this kind of silly mercenary crap. If you want a high population, you need to make your country a nice place to live compared to other nations. The rate of emigration will be game-controlled -- players can only control the extent to which they will allow immigrants to enter and, to a much lesser extent, the ability of citizens to leave. This can be made fairly dynamic, with different kinds of workers looking for different things in a country (Low-Level Workers favoring high Social Security/Unemployment Indexes, while Executives prefer countries with more IPOs, etc.).

It seems to me that the game designers want the game to reward the creation of countries that are pleasurable for people to live in, and this is reflected in the way that scoring is weighted. Since population is the predominant asset, make population subject to the conditions that the game designers value. The current system allows warlords to amass population without having to bother with the trade or welfare aspects of the game. As a result, you have a situation that allows the warlords to force other people out of alternative strategies -- more importantly, out of the strategy that the game is designed to reward.

As for who did what damage, I was able to read the war reports just like everyone else. I saw plainly that nobody else attacked me until well after Karamantium was through pounding away most of my defenses -- and even then poor little Iron Curtain managed to have a fat chunk of its fleet destroyed by what remained. Without Karmantium, none of the rest of you had a chance to overwhelm any one of us. Hiding behind BK's skirt is hardly the posture I'd be expecting from gloaters, but I guess that's how it works for you guys.

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