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What is Simcountry?

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 - 08:30 pm Click here to edit this post
Goes back to the post I made in another thread about game changes to help the little guy. Any game change made to help the little guy, helps the big guy even more. Any game change to hurt the big guy, hurts the the little guy more. It is simply a matter of scale. Big countries just make more, and have more to put into things. In this game size matters, and is the most important thing to a country.

Example: 6M pop country and 60M pop country are built exactly the same, same percentages of pop in everything, indexes, defense level to size, etc. Now they both turn a 10% profit being how they are exactly the same exept one is 10x the size of the other. While that 10% profit might be 10B for the little guy, it would be 100B for the big one. Where does that extra money come from? The big country is 10x the size of the little one. Its profit percentage is the same but accounts for a much larger sum. So the big one has the money/people to spend on an offensive military or extra defense as compared to the little country. 1 AC with just 10K NFP on board would kill the 6M Pop guys surplass just in its maintanence cost. 60M pop guy still has another 50K he could get before he has a problem. On top of that 6M Pop guy has 6K Ints, while 60M pop guy has 60K Ints. Now whom is going to win that fight?

Attack Limits, they make large countries nearly impossible to fight, large empires invincible, and strong feds, we just wont go there. If there is some kind of secret NFP out there that can go 10K on 200K Ints and do damage to the Ints let me know, I'll pay 1B for each.

Higher costs for weapons, well just look over what I posted on the top ^^^ of this.

Combine those 2 and what do you get. A bunch of small and midsized economists with no effective military since its to expensive for them getting bounced by big warlords all over the place just for the hell of it. Or in other words you get what is happening on all the worlds at this very moment.

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