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What is Simcountry?

Soldiers of Fortune (White Giant)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 01:12 pm Click here to edit this post
*Amended Policy and Procedure*

As is known on White Giant, the members of SND (Sociulus Naturae Diaboli) are neutral in all world affairs. It has NO allies NOR enemies. SND has only taken stands on specific issues for short durations. As such SND is offering *assistance* at a cost to all those on WG.

The members of SND are available to do the following actions...
1) SND members can be hired to act as a hitman and remove single countries you yourself cannot reach or defeat alone.
2) SND members can be hired to act as a tempory allies during times of fed wars. As such they will fight your feds enemy as if their own.
3) SND members can be hired to assist in the taking of C3s/Inactive for those unable to due so on their own for whateve reasons. Said member will reduce the War Index of the target country to 1 and allow the contractor to finish it.

To contract SND members simply send a member your request threw an ingame message or post on the SND Forum at Your request should state the following...
1) The country(s) or Federation(s) that you wish to be removed.
2) If you want to launch the finishing attack upon the selected target(s). And if so which one(s).
3) What you willing to pay for the services of the SND members you are contracting.
4) Your request will get a response within 2 - 3 Real Life days as being accepted, rejected, or you'll get a counter proposal.

Set Up and Completion of a Contract...
1) When both sides come to agreement on the terms for the action requested a contract will be created. This will be done by the contractor replying in agreement to a post on the SND forum, stating the action requested and price to be paid.
2) The contract will be carried out within 2 - 3 Real Life days after receiving the first payment.
3) The contract will be considered completed upon the the removal of the target president OR the target country brought to a War Index of 1 if the contractor chose to land the final attack.
4) Forced eviction (the target deregisters their country before actually resetting) will be considered completion of the contract.
5) IF a country RESETS before the war comes to completion SND will keep the first half of payment, but will not be paid the 2nd half.

Payment for contracts will be as follows...
1) Payment can be but not limited to Gold Coins, Game Cash, Countries, Population, Rights to Resources, Spoils (target country), etc.
2) The cost of hiring SND for a contract will vary upon what the request is. The more difficult the request the more expensive the price. That which is offered in the opening exchange should be realistic to the situation.
3) Payment is to be half up front, half when the job is finished. When that is not possible (such as receiving a country in payment) payment will come FIRST unless the country in question is spoils (the target country).
4) Payment of services rendered can be flexible in some situations. We can work with you to arrange a way that both sides are happy.
5) Failure to pay upon the completion of a contract will include and not be limited to being banned from future contracts, war with SND members, and extremely generous rates when others war against you in the future.

Random Fine Print....
1) The targeted country will be informed upon the war declaration that they have had a contract placed against them. This will include whom the original contractor was in most cases.
2) You cannot buy off an attack. If SND has accepted a contract, no amount of game assets will stop the coming attack. You can of course use assets to contract us to *assist* against the person that contracted us in the first place.
3) Just because you have hired SND to do something for you, doesnt mean your SND's buddy. It is possible that SND may be contracted against you in the near future.
4) Just because you have been contracted against by SND does not mean your SND's enemy. We carry no grudges and offer our *services* to all, even if we had destroyed your country the day before.

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