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Simcountry citizens Fed Up With Heaps of Roshamboers? (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Simcountry citizens Fed Up With Heaps of Roshamboers? (Fearless Blue)

Deez' Knutts (Fearless Blue)

Monday, January 31, 2005 - 11:34 pm Click here to edit this post
TA TA TATAAAA . TAA TA TATA TATA (abc news tune)

From DeezKnutts productions News Room I'm Dan "No-wait-I-take-that-Back" Rather.

This just in a devastating decrease in the Sim Country populations and a vast world wide decrease in all Simcountry populations A survey citied a tremendous increase in unsolicited Roshamboing has added fire to the subject of what many view as a scourge of the Sim Country worlds. For more we go over to the interview room where Jenny Knuttless has interviews people with two different points of view and their thoughts on this issue.

(Jenny) Thank you Dan I'm here with BillyBob Bigknutts an anti-Roshambo advocate who had this to say ....................................... ............................................
......................"Go ahead"

(billyBob BigKnutts) " think ..the Roshamboing problem is out of control. I get at least fifty Roshambo attempts a day. That isn't even counting the number of kids that mistake my knutts as kickballs. This state of the world is a waste of my time in that I have to avoid certain areas in town on my way to work and a waste of my money in that I have to buy anti-Roshamboing Jockstraps which hardly work anyway. Also do you know I actually have to fortify my Jockstrap with old heavy machinery tires due to the vast numbers of assaults I suffer through each day. People get swindled by this stuff it should be a crime just like regular fraud or bombing defenseless people while looking for WMD. We should BAN all Roshamboing in Simcountry"

(Jenny) Also from the left we are join by Rupaul KnoKnutts president of Citizens for Enunciation Freedom.

(Rupaul KnoKnutts)"A ban on all Roshamboing is a restriction on our freedom of speech and on freedom of the expression ! What is the government to say what is and isn't commercial Roshamboing? Could they haul charity representatives off to jail for seeking donations amongst peoples pants? Could they jail politicians for using Roshamboing to try and gain votes as in Human Resources scandal last year? Could they arrest me if I accidentally send my erotic pictures of a roshambo-in-progress to the wrong address? Seriously, Roshamboing is a subjective offense and as such should not be considered a crime."
(Jen) There you have it Dan back to you ......

(Dan) Thanks Jen and here in the studio we turn to the grumbling government Roshamboing commissioner PeeWee Halfsac. Mr Half sac what do yo have to say about this....this....state of ......mass ....sterilization.

(Halfsac)"Both These Knutts are wrong Roshamboing is definitely a problem, yet so is the restriction on freedoms which some draconian anti-Roshamboing codes would impose. I propose a ban on overtly fraudulent Roshamboing , and a tax on more legitimate businesses that rely on Roshamboing as an advertising method, and a strict legal definition of Roshamboing that would ensure no innocent person was accidentally targeted"

(Dan) There you have it folks the federal governments of Simcountry has yet to formalize a position on this issue and have declined an invitation to be on our program tonight. From DEEZKUUTTS PRODUCTIONS Newsroom I'm Dan "No wait I take that back" Rather. Good night

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