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Anti-UCF Death Camp Found in Former Plano (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Anti-UCF Death Camp Found in Former Plano (White Giant)

Rob Kennedy (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005 - 02:14 pm Click here to edit this post
All your posts after mine

"guido to take his police state style dictatorship comments and leave Crows thread."

Uhhhh, riiiiight.
Care to tell me where exactly you found those in my sentence "Am i the only one that can´t find the humor in such postings?" ? I´d really appreciate that!

You´re hilarious, Rob. A little aggressive maybe, but funny nonetheless.
I wonder how you came up with "(Stalin, Japanese Leaders and hitler etc.....)", but I have no doubt your next incoherent ranting will answer that question.

"Perlamo, get a laugh"

I am having one, actually. After asking a question I´m being told by one guy how much he hates me, another guy accuses me of "police state style dictatorship comments" (whatever THATs suposed to be) and says he knows about that from TV. I suppose that is where he knows from that I´m a "typical left wing extremists that is all talk and no substance" too, but that is just my imagination.
What else can one do, then have a hearty laugh about that?

ob, you´ve got to decide. Am I a leftie or a police state guy, which _I_ would say is rather on the right of the political spectrum
You can stuff the threatening remarks btw. I´m certainly won´t be intimidated by you *fg*
Anyways, this "discussion" will lead us nowhere, as some of the other people here have pointed out, so I say we stop it.

Have a nice christmas

"So can Guido give me a list of things that i can talk about that isnt offensive to a find outstanding citizen like himself because im warped and think people should be free to talk about what they want."

I could, but then again I may as well waste my breath somewhere else than on you. I´ve mostly tried to be friendly up until now (unlike you, I must add. There were quite some insults in your rantings.), as well as I tried to argument stringent and matter-of-factly, but lets face it: You´re about as dumb as a piece of bread. And dry one at that. Each and every word I could use on you would be as much in vain as talking to the wall in my office.

Sheesh. Now I posted on your niveau. Happy now?

Heh, that was fun.

Back in the old days we had a poo-flinging thread on the WG portion of the board. Maybe we should make a new one, especially for Sheiky, Rob, John and me.


I´ll make it short for you: Waste of breath. I tried several times to argue with you, yet you only seemed willing to insult (while complaining about the same behaviour from me). Exactly WHY should I be willing to waste my time on you, then? ..........Your final post, what part of those posts is an arguement, its not unexpected from you though your opinions are so deluded they can not be argued....but if you feel like replying can you please answer my first question?????????????????????????

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