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My war experience as a newbie...what you can learn (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  My war experience as a newbie...what you can learn (Kebir Blue)

El Guapo (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, January 01, 2005 - 01:26 am Click here to edit this post
Great thread. Let me add please my 2 cents on this argument...

My initial country was located in Hercula Major (Kebir Blue), with a coastline (althought you do not need one to have a navy). After an initial fluck while learning, I finally waged a sucessful war, in a different, far away continent. Since then I have waged some others, and this is how I do it (laughs are allowed, and critique welcomed):
1- Select a target: Inactives and C3`s are best. Try to select the country with the HIGHEST POPULATION!!!, and PLEASE SPEND TIME STUDYING the defenses of your enemy and (if any) offensive weaponry. Beware of Land to Sea batteries, they are both defensive and offensive, and pretty effective. Take note on how many missile interceptor batteries are available, and if there is an enemy fleet.
2- Move the Battle groups (1 strategic fleet with 10 nuclear submarines and 100 Sea based Cruisers, 2 aircraft carriers with 10k NF and 1 Helicarrier with 5k NH) within striking distance from the objective (much easier now with the new function to navigate the fleet). Takes 1 month to position the warships for war. Declare war at the same time...

3- When starting hostilities:
a) If the country is ACTIVE and your enemy is readying to strike back, attack the navy first. Use SEALS (2K) who require ammo (10K) and light attack boats (I use 20), and Attack destroyers (I use 30) with attack torpedoes (have 10K handy). Navy Helos are also good(10K ammo). Once the Enemy Navy is wipeout and rendered harmeless (99% damaged) proceed as below.
b) if the country is INNACTIVE: if by any chance he/she has a navy, DO NOT DAMAGE IT!!!, you will added later to your Pirate fleet, when the country is conquered. Most innactives have between 5 and 1000 Missile interceptors. Start by using Nuclear submarine missiles targeting all military (defensive) airports. In all cases between 2 and 20 will do the job (Attack Target). Once the last airport is 99% damaged, use Navy fighters to strike (attack defenses) and kill ALL remaining defensive helis, and any remaining radar plane and/or interceptors. Usually 5k will do (before starting your sea adventures, stack up to 100 k NF missiles, you will need them). It is CRUCIAL to kill all Helis. Once that`s done, war enters phase 2

4- Once all Helis are destroyed (did I mention how important that is?) use Sea Based Cruises (100 ships, with 20k missiles) to wipe out all military equipment (about 100 missiles per fortification, Defensive Military bases and all offensive and strategic equipment). That will drive the War Index about 20 points down. I have found that this is more cost effective that using NF and with no casualties (your only casualties and wounded will occur during the Navy Fighter attacks occasioned by Anti Aircraft missile bateries, that can be up to 100K, that`s a lot.

5- In case your warship is attacked: do not panic!!!. Most attacks will come in the form of Fighter Planes (I guess bombers may hurt your vessels too), another fleet and/or Land to Sea Batteries. Stack up to 1000 Navy missile batteries per warship, 1000 Navy missile interceptor batteries per warship and place your battle groups in close proximitty, so the defenses will act together. Navy fighters will deploy in response to attacks, but sometimes that is no good, they do not fire back at Offensive Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries. Stack up Destroyers (I have about 100 total) their torpedoes will deter seals and the other fleets. Finally make sure you have 2 aircraft carrier deployed: if one gets sunk, you may exchange all weapons (before it sinks) to the other... Usually the attacks will try to take supply ships first. Station sufficient (each fleet needs about 10 to work efficiently) to spare. BUT REMEMBER: you only have to worry about attacks from ACTIVE PLAYERS...

6- Once all military equipment is gone, check the corporations. Spare corporations making profits, you will need them later to reconstruct the country. Wipe out all else using 1 Submarine nuclear missile and about 20 Sea based cruisers per factory. By now you should have used about 30 to 50 Nukes and about 5k Sea based cruisers, and the war index should be in the high fifties. The important thing is that you will have minimal or maybe no casualties (good for your low level workers). It`s time for the final phase of the war.

7- It`s time to win the war now. Using the following table, decide wich weapons to use. You must destroy the Capital City (damage to 100%), all cities, and 10% of the towns to drive the index to zero. If the country is active, you enemy will not be able to stop you attack within 3 or 4 months (the time needed for a new airport and to buy defensive helos).

Number of Ammo needed for 100% damage for cities, the Capital City and towns: (if all missile interceptor batteries are destroyed)

Weapon and Ammo per target

Nukes (subs) 5 missiles
Sea based Cruisers aprox 1000 missiles
Navy Fighters aprox 5500 missiles
Navy Helis aprox 6000 missiles
Seals, Attack torpedoes and other navy weapons are INNEFECTIVE. Please learn from my mistake and save those for the next war.

Once the war is over and you conquer your enemy, if there is a navy remaining, is all yours. Include your new satellite in your federation sharing 100% of defensive resources and navigate that fleet to your battle groups. Buy some defenses (to help protect your weapons stationed in the other warships) and sail away to your next target.

A few points to remember:

1- There is no target, country or enemy fleet in Kebir Blue that cannot be reached using the navy. Browse the world for weak countries or your swore enemies, and close in with your naval strike forces.

2- Although Naval only war is expensive, the difference from land only war (maybe 20B for equivalent results) is more than offset for the cost of life of your soldiers (casualties are heavier in land war, or maybe I should actually learn how to do that one right) and the reach of your weapons (no limits). I think for targets in your same region, a combination of naval resources and land weaponry should be more effective, I just have not done that (yet)...

El Guapo

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