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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

UCF Membership Hits All-Time Low (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  UCF Membership Hits All-Time Low (White Giant)

Konstantinos Papachristou (White Giant)

Monday, December 27, 2004 - 06:34 pm Click here to edit this post
Clifford: Thanks for the show of support

Lara: From what i have known, being the second in command of UCF, SND and Rat Dance only attacked for basically one member. We really do not have any enemies. If you want to be the first added to our list, you can be. But, if you attack us, i am pretty sure that you will not get a show of support from the rest of the world.

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