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Inactive player country w/ 240 forts (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Inactive player country w/ 240 forts (Fearless Blue)

Matt Crouch (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, December 02, 2004 - 07:20 am Click here to edit this post

you may have encountered a problem related to the map-redraw process which permitted you to win

SKP mentioned something about this to me once ages ago, but he never explained it in detail

alternatively you may be right :)
(that there is no way to kill 4% of the population even by destroying all targets)

double-alternatively both may be right, that there is no way to kill 4% of the population unless some bug using the map-redraw occurs

One thing I have known for real years is that the populations dont add up (add up the population for your cities; for avalon (the original one, aka the one faith has on GR now) the population of my cities alone was quite a lot more than my total poulation). I wonder if the game computes a country's total population and wounded incorrectly somehow?

I ahve conquered several countries and gotten 0 war damage. I was very confused by this, needless to say.

After some looking around, I noticed that all of the cities were brand new - new names, new locations, and smaller than the old cities used to be.

All of The old targets that had been damaged had been completely destroyed and new ones created when the map-generation process ran next; thus, no war damage was calculated. I did not damage any target without completely destroying this, and managed to recreate the occurrence in one out of 3 trials. Apparently it only happens if the map-generation process runs before the country's monthly update.

What you experienced might be an exploit based on that hymy - new manigal targets provided letting you do more damage to the population than you otherwise would have been able to do.

I maxxed out either the population damage or monetary damage in my test war. Wish I had recorded the exact figure so I knew which at this point in tiem (I gues ill have to do it AGAIN sometime..sigh), but its easy to tell: All of the sudden you start to get a much smaller reducetion in the war index when you hit a city/town.

In any case, as thinsg stand now fortifications are still ridiculous. I think erehwon , in reference to them said "You can call them sticky doghshti traps if you want but it doesnt make them any better!"

And its certain that the war index calculations dont add up quite right.

I think you may have nailed it hymy, you can try mailing jozi or jonni.

We all know how much good that often does, but its worth a shot. They may need to change the populations displayed in all targets, the % of populations killed by different attacks (chemical and nuclear attacks obviously should produce high casualties, using jeeps shoudlnt be as devasting people-wise), how the map dreraw process works, or all of the boave.

Thanks for the info

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