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Iron Curtain vs Empire of Alberta (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Iron Curtain vs Empire of Alberta (White Giant)

Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, November 28, 2004 - 03:26 am Click here to edit this post
ugh now everybody is getting technical on me :)

Elle your notes are still approximately(and possibly exactly) accurate. If youll note his newspaper it seems to fit the data as well. He lost 663 interceptors, and surely had SOME defensvive aa batteries deployed (which would account for a few more NF killed and a few more interceptors saved).

Navy fighters are more accurate than the docs suggest they are, and a bit tougher as well if the docs havent been updated.

A ballpark guesstimate of 22k NF or so would have resulted in both sides fighting to oblivion (assuming a moderate supply of def aa batteries)

if all this number crunching persists I suppose ill have to add a precise number :)

I would love to actually find someone who supports attack limits on FB and GR. Ive even noticed elle not talking about it..yet...tact, perhaps? :)

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