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Strategic Bombers a Bug??????? I Think Not (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Strategic Bombers a Bug??????? I Think Not (Golden Rainbow)

Rob Kennedy (Golden Rainbow)

Friday, November 12, 2004 - 05:54 am Click here to edit this post
You need to know the sim history of war to know exactly why it always keeps changing but i will try to explain. The defensive airforce has never been able to destroy weapons before they fire.
In the early days i forget exactly how it worked but offence would fire at the same time defence airforce, which is why oaabs where so powerful and could clear large amounts of DH etc.... but what was happening is nuke batts where way to hard to stop because they would fire at the same time the DH would but the Mibs wouldnt fire until the nukes hit their target. 50 nuke batts would get through more then 700mibs.....nightmare! The documentation is so old and outdated it is hard to know exactly how things work. The def system was later changed to stop the nukes so w3c made the def batts fire first then the off then the airforce or something i cant find the documentation on it. The moment i read these changes i knew that the strategic weapons were to become alot more powerful because the airforce was rendered useless, now you needed to stop strategic attacks with def batts alone and thought that was a good idea, defence was finally alot more diverse the way josi wanted it since i can recall him always saying that DH wont stop nuke batts and that you need the def batts to help defend, these changes made def batts crucial to survival. I was still always unclear exactly how the def worked but i think when the def batts were overwhelmed by attackers the airforce would engage so you needed to use only enough weapons not to trigger the airforce.
Now to are SB a bug? in the game docs josi mentions that SB are for when the airforce is gone but the game doc is always wrong and ive never been convinced josi knew how his own war systems worked. The one thing that was accurate though was the weapons docs and hit ratios and DAAB had a hit rate of 5% and 100% damage to the SB, they also fired 4 missiles per round, this leaves the maths quite simple you need 2000 DAAB missiles to destroy 100 SB which is 500 DAAB per important structure. That may seem excessive but josi only needed to alter the hit ration to 20% to make these numbers alot easier and bring them in line with Nuke Subs and mibs. So as this system stood i thought it was great because you needed to protect your country with more then a def airforce. The system all worked perfect and the SB could easily be stopped because i managed to stop them during a real war. A true bug in the game is what i have seen where the weapons dont do what they are supposed to making them invinsible, one such bug was combining 500 navy fighters with 20 nuke subs what is supposed to happen is the 20 sub missiles captured by the mibs first then the mibs try to capture the rest of the NF missiles( a small number of NF missiles would damage the city no big deal).What did happen was the Mibs tried to stop the NF missiles first leaving the sub missiles to cruise through and destroy the city.......unstoppable bug. People always complain when they dont understand the game another example was people would set their fed rules so that 100% of def off and strat weapons would defend so after their def airforce would be destroyed their off and strat weapons would show up to fight and get slaughtered. Ill admit SB shouldnt be showing up to fight but fighters and attack choppers should.After some complaints it was changed so the off and strat wouldnt help but the easiest way to stop this was to set the fed rules to 100% def defend only, the result of the changes was things like Oaab could not be used to defend structures costing Adrian Lalla 4 of his countries. Its all just crazy josi should keep the game docs upto date and people should read them and things would be alot easier.

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