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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Ian Stewart (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 10:35 am Click here to edit this post
I love the way you 12m guys have these convenient memories.
Fully Completely was attacked while I was away on holiday in California. I had made it plain on the mIRC channel that I was going to be away. Peomp,Avalon,Genie and others all knew. I got back from holiday to find my war index at 8%, and I still lasted 2 real=time days fighting back.
My military had been decimated by W3 changing the rules to cap large population countries. The previous 6weeks (realtime) previous I couldn't do much but watch my army disappear as millions of llw disappeared. I fought back with other of my slaves but they too were high population and I lost them over the next couple of days.
No-one offered a peace treaty and I probably wouldn't have accepted anyway. Skp killed me with primarily the strat bomber trick,so no gamemanship on this one boys. You took my countries on the sly. In a fair fight you might still have won, but not nearly as easily.
AF's main guys disappeared? Yes. Genie never did help out. Too busy with other stuff he told me. I guess he forgot how I sheltered him and saved his country in a previous war. Erewhon had been transfered to South Africa. He could barely geta decent connection once a week. Dave (Lorien)was sent away on assignment and was largely inactive at that time. UNSC declined to get involved. I didn't transfer in my empire I built it one country at a time. And thanks , Rob, I've fought lots of battles including here on GR. My #1 war rank was earned and I backed it up lots of times.
I lost 3 countries, no-one offered there return. Thats ok, thats part of the game, but don't give this best-planned crap. You took an opportune time when Erehwon, Lorien and I were largely inactive and used it to full advantage.
Full marks for opportunism
I was no help to anyone after that. My main countries were gone. All my ammo and hardware had been transferred from my slaves to help the main defence. I was frankly disheartened that you guys took a cheap shot instead of a challenge and I retired for several months.
Now, ironically, some of the ex-Monkees are fed-mates with me.
Matt, Elle wants different things from the game than you do. You want eternal chaos. Others of us like a little stability, some gamemanship,some negotiation and politicking, but that doesn't meanwe're afraid to war.
I've fought with you and against you, and probably will again. I don't remember AF anihilating Rob,but perhaps I wasn't involved.
As far as having the right to attack,bring it on. I've never complained of losing ,only the manner in which it was accomplished.
Will it go down the same path as the old AF? A curious question. The old AF was not the only power on GR It nearly came to war with Turan. UNSC was a negotiated way to stop an all-out fed war. As it was HR nearly got his way.
AF went to war many times. Twice with Avalon,once with Dule, once with HoG,once with HR, and several other more minor opponents.
Its curiouser that sim -history sees us as a peaceful fed, instead of the rapacious group we were. It's no accident that my logo is a pirate.
Thats how AF started :as a sea based maurading band of fleets demamding concessions from the countries we threatened (like the original UN)
How nice that I am now seen as a "rich pompus GR player"

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