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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

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el wiltan (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 09:46 am Click here to edit this post
Ack long post to reply to, hmm the short one first ;-)

Nod, understood..i was just putting things as i remember them unfolding grudges or anything like that involved here either mate.


ILL send a copy of this to your email if your banned, lots to reply to early on a workday morning tho lol

Firstly, your quite correct that being an outsider to the 12M means i couldnt know what was going on internally. All i could make where observations based on studying the war logs, open indexes of countries etc.

On the subject of GDP etc, i did state 'slaves' and say not all countries had less to loe, yes there were some very nice countries. My observations where based on slaves i studied which appeared to have poor GDP / large unemployment yet showed large number of weapons coming into the country. Quite sad upon reflection the hours i spent studying logs. Certainly not intended as an 'insult to playing ability' the countries described did exactly what they were designed for.

As for the weapon systems, credit where credit is due. 12M were very quick to test weapons systems to find out everything about them. Some i found out before or as they were used by 12M through my own testing, others such as the unsinkable ships were found out the hard way. That was a painfull one lol..jackle put a single fleet command packed with seals in amongst robs ships, i had put a carrier in the area to protect against such an attack. Imagine my surprise upon finding repeated blasts of 10k navy fighters and my carriers seal escort took the ship to 99% damaged but didnt sink it. Literally seconds after my first wave, the trashed command ship sank robs fleet, all of it.

With respect to strategic bombers, well we will have to disagree here. My personal view is that they are for when the air force is beaten. I think jozi said something similar. As for double standards..i am pretty sure i have never hit an active player with SB . With respect to rdu / oaamb again i had only the logs to go from. Perhaps i caught the tail end of the war and missed a lot of losses (i was turning a bit semi active by then) but im simply writing what i recall.

For transferring multiple countries. Again its just a personal opinion that this should not have been a legal tactic for anyone (including others that used it). No it wasnt bug abuse, as i stated. Personally i had the cash to transfer in some fairly big countries myself to GR from the free worlds when i started but built up from scratch again on GR.

With respect to 12M goals, i believe you completely on that, in that i think your goals where to provide stimulus and excitement into a world you viewed as very dull. Wether 12m stayed to that goal?.. ahh that would be too long an answer ;p.

As for the war model, looking at it now after a long break. Yes there should be ways to beat any defence. But i dont think they should be simply throwing bombers at targets ;p. A while ago i drew up a pile of suggestions for war models involving long range expeditionary forces, logistics chains, base camps etc etc.. lost interest in GR and quit SC before i could push for them though


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