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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

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Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 05:49 am Click here to edit this post
Before I start ranting -and I am going to- I think its a good idea to try and keep a clear head and focus on Henry's earlier points:

Teaching feds are critical - players who cooperate and help other people learn the game are absolutely necessary

A balance of power is very good for the game. When any group of players with similar goals dominate the game, there is little or no hope of dynamism and the game stagnates, with the same (generally small) people controlling everything and scrweing everyone else over. I have seen this with KKnd on FB and AF/UNSC/alltheotherincestuousfeds on GR.

Id only add that a balance of power means a balance of power - two or more groups relatively equally matched with violently opposing goals, ideally trying to kill each other. A group of people of similar strengths who want exactly the same thing, or almost exactly the same thing is NOT a balance by definition: and this was what the AF was, what in fact all of GR was forced to become.

Any discussion of ancient history is only relevant if it matters for establishing these things in the present or future -ways to help teach and retain players and player activity, and ways to ensure that the game is competitive and intersting for everyone rather than dominated by a few with little interaction.

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