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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

el wiltan (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 02:01 am Click here to edit this post
well rob i disagree on the comments about AF and learning, i and others learnt from the fed.

About solidarity in war at the time, yes i see where your coming from. Players where reluctant to seriously risk countries,

Now, from a personal POV (wars might be in wrong order, i havent played for over a year)

i had my war against skp due to become active the month after erewhon was being attacked. When erwhon deregged, i let the war end and when other fully countries were attacked by skp or elk (cant remember which) tried to negotiate peace treaties for fully in exchange for peace treaties with myself. I was personally pretty ashamed that i hadnt gone headlong into those wars to be brutally honest .. although truth be told i had large defenses and almost no offence.

It was only when kodiak got attacked that i finally bit the bullet and launched what offense i did have at the 12M countries that were taking him down, and had the MDL declare war as a fed despite peacefull overtures from matt.c.

So, using those actions as an example, yes i can see what your saying.

However, there are reasons, besides the 'your all cowards' viewpoint.

1) The AF members had developed countries most of which where rich, economically very sound and had huge assets, many of the 12M slaves were undeveloped 'throwaway' countries, pumped up with weaponry via contracts to circumnavigate the poor economies . All very well organised, but basically for many in the 12M (not all) there was an awfull lot less to lose. Add to that the very large size of many AF countries and how quickly large countries went down. Its natural that a player with countries a couple of months old, designed purely to play war with is going to be 'bolder' than a player with 4 or 5 countries all developed over a very long time indeed (years in some cases). With SKP specifically, he was a member of 12M, the perception was that war with SKP meant probable full out war with 12M

2) One thing that came to light during these wars was that through various 'features' such as combo attacks, blasting away with nothing but strat bombers (stocked in huge quantities by 12M ), and later using a combination of RDU and OAAMB the hugest defences would be taken out, i and another player supplied kodiaks country with hundreds of thousands of weapons, and watched them die for the cost of a few RDU (the retarded helicopter pilots used to ignore the danger (OAAMB) and shoot at the super tough RDU. Suddenly many players discovered their forces were weaker by far than they realised. These 'features' where used extensively, in fact considerable pre war planning for their use appeared to have taken place, looking at the huge CEO stockpiles. All the huge DH and Interceptor fleets suddenly became a lot less usefull.

12M were fighting on a completely different scale with regards to numbers than many players had seen before. This seemed to be largely achieved via contracts again, huge stockpiles going into countries that couldnt support them to the outsider. The truth is that almost no members could touch the 12m 'mainland' anyway.

3) AF had a number of members who had come to GR and had no war experience, i know some went to GR to avoid the world wars..afterall the title on GR describes it as a 'friendly world'. 12M had one goal only, world conquest.

4) The speed with which 12M appeared was not gradual, due to jozi turning a blind eye to players transferring in large numbers of countries and then 'conquering themselves' the size of 12M grew very powerfull very quickly. This was unlike anything that may happen in a realistic sim, where feds would see other feds grow and either negotiate or fight if the fed became a danger. The whole idea of giant empires appearing out of nowhere seemed pretty ridicoulous really... jozi didnt take action so it was within the rules presumeably, but was a totally unrealistic scenario.

Having said all that, id personally do things differently now, if i was there again. Seriously tempted to start playing again and trying to help AF develop.


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