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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Rob Kennedy (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 12:14 am Click here to edit this post
Oh please henry and friends you give yourselves way too much credit. The main players to come out of Cadet corps were already good players who knew most of the game ie Hymyland, cadet corps would just give tips on the game like virtual unis, 3 upgrades at once and stuff like that. Erehwon and you definately helped and were good but still alot of noobs struggled (not sure that they could be helped because i tried)and your success stories already knew alot of the game.

When i arrived on GR the 3 feds Global Pact, AF and Turan had the same players in it and the chances of war between the feds were zero. Gr was just a heap of players with the world exactly how they wanted it sharing the first prize between themselves.

My opinion of the players and feds on Gr pre transfer is a bunch of brown nose cowards! Let me refresh your memories i was hunted down and destroyed without any mercy(was this because i lacked the resources to fire back. I was hunted down and slaughtered by a pack of rabid dogs and i didnt see much difference between the opposing feds at the time they all happily killed me.

Then i transferred to the 12M territory with a tonne of firepower and suddenly i was alright and wasnt attacked....strange that. after i arrived i watched whirrett take Fully Completely and the AF dispatched all its firepower to kill these pathetic countries. Then SKP stepped up to take Fully and suddenly the powerful GR players went missing again....another strange tactic by Gr players???? With the 12m growing in strength Gr still done nothing then the 12m attacks stardust and erehwon (Erehwon helped out so much in GR) and again the allies went missing.

You may not see it Ian Henry and others but the Gr players pre transfer days were nothing short of cowardly bullies, if you had displayed courage and tried to help win lose or draw i would believe your BB posts.

I can freely do whatever i like on GR because i know nobody will have the nuts to stop me. Keith Fairbanks rings a bell of your commitment to each other.

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