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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Matt Crouch (White Giant)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 - 12:09 am Click here to edit this post
I agree with every point but your last one henry; I dont think I denied any of the others?? In fact the only time I see myself mentioning the cadet corps is to compliment it.

Just as a side note, any fed ive established has built most of its power in the same way.

Now on the other hand, the players represented by the cadet corps were also started it to keep an eye on the newer players, and to ensure that they (the established powers) had a continually refreshed power base of newly immigrant loyal that their own power and top spots would remain untouchable.

Pre-transfer it was impossible to do anything significant without the approval of AF(UNSC/AF/etc....all were really one fed). Anyone with any strength who didnt join was watched likle a hawk, and perhaps you dont recall, but some players were pressured or even forced to join...whether they wanted to or not...or face the business end of AF firepower.

Certainly you have offered your perspective on how it looked from the inside, but it enforced an unwelcome style of play on some other players, and to them it looked like a tyranny of the established players over the newer folks.

These people didnt attack (or do anything AF didnt like) because the various bugs (sub nukes/air def/war dec limit/etc etc) favored those already in power, and doing anything the dominating powers didnt like was suicide-not a gamble, a certainty.

Now before you yell at me, I dont think any of that behavior is wrong. Players and groups of player act in what they think is their self interest.

I do however think it was bad for the game. That was my point. (Things have only really gotten worse on GR in those respects, btw).

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