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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Ian Stewart (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, November 01, 2004 - 03:23 am Click here to edit this post
Wow Ash, I must have hit a nerve. My sarcasm (with my tongue firmly in my cheek)hit too close to home?
Re:your length of playing time..Yes you've been around a long time, always mentoring, always hectoring. I was referring more to your GR incarnations
Your 1st visit to GR, you tied up Derek and I with fake peace treaties ( a great ploy) while you attacked my allies, Monopoland, Cymru,Mushashi,and Lorien. You backed off on Mono when I informed you he was away ( a very sporting action....SKP should have had the same sportsmanship with me.) Your fleets were destroyed by naval fighters and helis, your countries were destroyed by nuke subs, and naval airpower by Derek and I when our fleets cleared off your fake peace accord. We left 3 of your countries intact including Arsenal, but to the best of my knowledge you didn't log-in again, so AF's allies divided them up over the following week. I'm sure if you hadn't run out of ammo,you;d have taken Lorien (whose index was under 50%) as well as Cymru and Mushashi.
On your 2nd incarnation on GR, I detected you early on, and if you recall offered not to attack
if you pledged non-aggression. You declined so we took you out with pre-emptive strikes (justified I think, given your previous attacks on AF ) All that time we continued to correspond on the Mirc channel, There were no quarter asked or given.
HoG attacked as well and had Lorien on the ropes, "til our fleets showed up off his coast, fully armed , ready for war, and he with no ammo left. The corresponding armistice agreement made him an AF member (co-opted by the status quo rulers, I'm sure would be your take on it)
Mercantile also joined in that time period, as we agreed not to attack him, 'tho he was in Hog's federation, he was not a party to the war, being a noob at the time ( our sporting gesture)
I was inactive with disgust for your 3rd incarnation, having had all 3 of my top countries conquered. None were returned , or even offered, no peace treaties were offered, they remain occupied.
Allied Forces is alive and well thank you and once again exerting some influence
As in the past we won't hesitate to fight if the need arises. Most of my past (and present)allies will confirm, my own policy has always been declare fast, talk peace later.
If Erehwon and Lorien had not been largely inactive during that period, the Monkees would have found a much more formidable foe.
I for one do not agree with Faith's multi accounts on GR. I think it is very unsporting, but it is within the W3 rules as they currently stand. Same for Dule, Alpha/beta in the ceo ranks. I deplore these tactics,'tho they are technically allowed.
You know Ash, I am probably the purest gamer here.. I know nothing of the tech creations you and Genie and others create to scrutinize the sim worlds. I play simply for the fun of it. Is GR boring to My expectations are relatively simple, I love the interactions with my fed-mates and my opponents (you included)
My "hit and run" comment referred only to your GR activities. Wanna compete? Tell me when and where, which world, I'll be there...I might even let ya win this time
(Thumbs his nose at Esperandus/Avalon/Ash/Matt Crouch...whichever nom-de-guerre you're currently using)
p.s. love to your Mum

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