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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

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Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, October 31, 2004 - 09:41 am Click here to edit this post
this is going to be a doozy I can feel it...Ill stop myself from posting anything but guide-type material for the next week, with one-post exception.(this means I wont reply to anything here )

@rob -thanks, I think I figured everything out. I did some reading between the lines based on your last comment.
Faith is an argument for many rule changes :P
In the past nobody could grow to that size aggressively period (because they couldnt multi, and empire size was limted by rebellion), and the few supermassive empires that existed were all eventually conquered by popular uprisings.
This of course is impossible on GR. With the limits war is all about economy now -ammo and scale- and faiths economy will never be matched unless he quits given his size, his number of accounts, and the lack of resets (meaning his advantage over newer players will do nothing but grow indefinitely).

@hymy - your comment explains a lot. I disagree with both you and rob in maintaining that the strat bombers behavior along with the NF/missle combo were (and are?) egregious bugs. Funny how you changed your mind, you seemed most upset when jackle hit you with a few h-bombs (dont worry - I was proably more upset than you were, and thought your distress was justifiable).
I could be wrong... IF jozi understands/understood(whichever) whats happening and approves of it then its just yet another stupid feature. However, I dont think he does (he certainly DIDNT)

Ill talk abit more about it and Middle Kingdom in your other thread. He was what I referred to when I said you were exploiting a bug egregiously. If you admit using it but dont think it was a bug that would explain our disagreement :P
Or send you a private message, perhaps that would be better.

@ian just admit that GR is dead along with the rest of the game -only much more so (faith, stagnated defenses and feds, ridiculous economies from lack of resets in multi-ing peaceful countries (1.2 quadrillion in stardust), etc).

Care to hear about the # of active players from the past and now? what about active players with certain country requirements, like army size/econ size etc?

And its not only dead but doomed to eternal death, moreso all the time as far as I can see. Your optimism seems foolish given that things have turned out almost exactly as Id predicted. Jozi hasnt done what he said hed do: all these extra doodads and features are nice -definitely almost exclusively improvements, credit where credit is due!!-but the core issues remain untouched.

I dont ask or need you to believe me when I decribe my motivations (though it would be nice), but implying I think all the other players were selfish bastards or such is not true. Some were. Some were some of the time. Others never were. Most of us are some of the time. I certainly have my share of flaws. (perhaps a few other peoples shares as well :P)

Erehwon always tried to help other players, and yet failed to intervene when olympia made 5 copies of his country...out of self-interest. Olympia was growing strong and could not be conventionally defeated easily at all.

Other players did the same to you when SKP attacked you, others (faith?) did the same when Rob was attacked, and still others did the same when faith absorbed GR (or so rob seems to be saying). Some people couldlnt have cared less about others and played for rank, dominating the prize positions, and doing whatever they could politically or otherwise to keep themselves in those spots. Some did the same in the war arena.
Lorien organized the precursor for the UNSC out of a selfish desire to protect himself from monopoland - I can quote him verbatim from memory if required.

None of these are necessarily bad things.

The AF and UNSC did a lot of good things as well as some selfish, destructive things: they intentionally stimulated (some quite good) roleplaying, they helped teach many new players the basics in the cadet corps, and they kept a lot of activity and knowledge in the game...even if they didnt always share their knowledge universally.

It works the same way for everything ive done (or tried to do), some good effects, some bad. But my goals were always clear, to me if no one else (and i like to think that there were plenty of others who understood me too. alas for their absence now.)

Im not trying to make anyone look like a bad guy (except possibly faith atm, but for very different reasons...more his effect on the game than anything else...which isnt making him look like a bad guy/person...more like a bad "event" :P). Im just trying to give what I see as a more balanced account.
Laugh if you will, I dont care. As you say hearing everything from one side is not the best way of hearing something....and usually there has been only one side to talk (whichever side im not on)

I try to make up for it by talking a lot when I am around :P

Ian, you dont know dan/HR like I know him it seems. He was never really your ally. He wanted to co-opt the AF and use them for his own goals. He seemed to come pretty close to it too (how, I have no clue)

Of course, im not liable to think my own version is "warped" but rather far more accurate than anyone other version ive seen. Surely some of this is due to bias :) , but I also think I have a legitimate claim to knowing larger parts of the the whole picture than many people in many cases. This is a natural result of some of the roles ive played. Regardless, a history coming purely from me would be obviously biased and one-sided - thats why I wont bother trying to recreate any histories. I no longer have the supporting links and few of the logs to refresh myself with first-hand sources and any history would be even more warped than it was the first time (which I dont think was very warped at all of course :P)

Davids version of "history", inventing allies for me to make me sound weaker and his allies stronger for fighting back in the first 2 wars I fought on GR without mentioning that I was only conquered by exploiting the flaw with nuke subs both times, nor mentioning my intentional forebearance (which of course I neither expected nor received in turn) cannot be called anything but warped.

Regarding SKP and you: I wasnt there. I didnt figure out what happened until Elle filled me in after the major Fighting on GR was done and peaceful countries had been introduced.

I agree with you that it was total crap.

If I had been there when it happened I would have declared on SKP. More likely, if I had been wouldnt have happened.
AFAIK no one else in the monkies knew what was had happpened until later either (they knew before I did though). SKP wasnt really a member yet, he was just grouped by similar attitude and skill. When I returned I invited him. If I had known more about what happened between he and you that decision would have been different as well.

Do I owe you an apology for my own ignorance?
Just in case I do, ill offer it now: im sorry for not trying to find out more about SKPs wars w/you than I did. I certainly could have, but I did other things instead. No one volunteered to fill me in either, though.

As for me "not playing the sim"...lets see....I registered april 1st 2002...played actively until october (volcanus/ashley/CCDP/kenneth/KKnD), went inactive for maybe 2 months, came back and was very active for another 5 or so months(abyss/Mike/AFBW/Olympia)...went inactive again for maybe 2 months....then played on GR from september until I left in late january (monkies) or early feb (cant remember which) my reckong that gives me about 18 months of very concentrated play. Each of these active periods were very active, with phases of planning and conflict that lasted real months. Very different from just logging into a country (or dozen) and managing it - youll remember that the attack on kenneth was global in scale and involved perhaps 2 dozen presidents besides myself, and you certainly remember the activity of the CCDP during the volcanus years (right after I joined): we were in the same fed together.
And let me tell you that you can scarcely imagine the time that organizing the 12M took (not to mention the time spent keeping them from each others throats :) ).

I doubt more than a few other players have spent comparable amounts of time building empires and countries, politicing, canvassing the admins, trying to figure out the rules, isolating and trying to get bugs fixed, and building tools and sites for the community. The only other people might be genie and tamara, who spent an immense amount of time and effort on TNN ...for the good of the community.

If thats not playing the sim then I dont know what is. Sitting quietly in a country staring at cash coming in for 3 years, logging in every now and again to do more...staring?

Hit and Run tactics? Please dont make me laugh.
If you are under the delusion that I wanted to gain some kind of ingame power in any of my actions on GR, please disabuse yourself of it.
I thought you knew better. And I certainly dont recall any "running" on my part...ever. Perhaps you can refresh my memory... :P

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